Tel Aviv is considered as an attractive brand as the likes of YouTube, Twitter, Apple and National Geographic among the American public. That according to a recent survey carried out by BAV Consulting – the world’s largest database of consumer behavior.

Tel Aviv gets branded (Shutterstock)
The study asked 13,000 Americans to choose their favorite trademarks. Tel Aviv – known for its nightlife, culture, creativity, beaches and lifestyle – was ranked alongside Twitter, Nintendo, the band The Doors, Apple and YouTube.

In fact, Tel Aviv’s name trumped 3,150 other worldwide brands. The Non-Stop City was favored over Audi, Abercrombie & Fitch, Siemens and even Prada.

The survey also showed that Tel Aviv is seen by the American public as an upbeat product that is worth getting to know about.

The poll revealed that 45 percent of those questioned could answer something about Tel Aviv but did not recognize the “Doctors Without Borders” group.

“Our model is built on financial factors. If Tel Aviv were a company listed on the stock exchange, it would be a hot stock,” Scott Siff, CEO of BAV Consulting, told Yediot Aharonot.

The survey also checked Israel’s status in the eyes of the American public and found that it ranked in at sixth place out of 33 countries – gaining the same number of points as Japan, Australia, Canada and the UK.