Lady Gaga on a previous visit to Israel in August 2009. Photo by Flash90.
Lady Gaga on a previous visit to Israel in August 2009. Photo by Flash90.

Lady Gaga gave Israeli music fans a summer closer to remember with her over-the-top colorful bodysuits, powerful vocals, rousing backup dancers, and a surprise duet with American singing legend Tony Bennett on the night of September 13.
The 23,000-strong crowd screamed out their love for the Grammy-winning pop star and Gaga returned the goodwill, saying in Hebrew things like “I love you” and “thank you very much.”
Meant to be just one of many top international performers stopping by this summer, the provocative pop star garnered more headlines and affection because she didn’t cancel her gig.
The 50-day war with Hamas during the summer forced the cancellations of Neil Young, The Backstreet Boys and Lana Del Rey, among others.

Lady Gaga tweeted about her duet with Bennett.
Lady Gaga tweeted about her duet with Bennett.

Fans at Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv delighted in the bright, neon, flashy concert by the multi-platinum performance artist.
Lady Gaga, who last played Tel Aviv six years ago, arrived in Israel a day before her concert and released photos to her Twitter and Instagram feeds, remarking how excited she was to be in town.
“I am so excited for tonights (sic) performance, so many feelings. I can feel the energy of the crowd already. Love and Happiness #artRAVETelAviv,” the pop diva tweeted.
Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, arrived in Tel Aviv from Dubai, as part of her ArtRave: The ArtPop Ball concert tour. Like Justin Timberlake before her, she stayed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Herzliya.
Her newest collaborator, 88-year-old crooner Bennett, was also in Israel for his concert on September 14.
Thanks to the perfect back-to-back timing of the two shows, Israeli fans were treated to a live performance off the duo’s album, Cheek to Cheek. Donning a pink gown and a huge black wig, Lady Gaga showed off her vocal range in her duet with Bennett of “I Can’t Give You Anything but Love.”
And indeed, that’s not all Lady Gaga gave the thousands of fans gathered under a rocket-free sky as an end-of-summer gift.
“Put your hands up and cheer for yourselves,” she told the crowd. “You are strong, you are brave, you are confident, and I f*cking love you, Israel.”