Radiomize, an Israeli IoT startup with a focus on safe driving, is unveiling its patented slip-on steering-wheel cover that enables drivers to manage their phones and playlists, messages and more by touch, without taking their focus off the road.

With the accompanying Radiomize app, users can create smart personal streaming music playlists that change dynamically based on the driver’s mood.

The app offers other helpful features, too: It reads aloud user-focused news in real time, as well as incoming messages filtered by sentiment and importance to the individual driver. This technology is compatible with Siemens and Rexton hearing aids.

The app also helps drivers monitor their speed and driving habits, and can automatically share location details with up to five people with a predefined SOS message.

“With Radiomize, commuting will be a safer and more pleasant experience,” said cofounder and CEO Samuel Kaz. “Our technology has the ability to reduce distracted driving by 23 percent while simultaneously providing a radio station that is tailored perfectly to each user.”

Kaz established Radiomize in April last year with Gilad Landau in Tel Aviv to develop their product “to create a fun and personalized driving experience.” The package will retail for less than $100.

The company is now seeking to raise $50,000 in an Indiegogo campaign  in order to ramp up for mass production.

Radiomize’s cover can fit on any car’s steering wheel. Image courtesy
Radiomize’s cover can fit on any car’s steering wheel. Image courtesy

If you’re willing to invest $49,999, your perk will be a restored vintage car with Radiomize installed (tax and shipping not included).