Israeli entrepreneurs and idea makers continue to find success on crowdfunding platforms. During June, LifeBEAM, Zore and iBox hit their funding goals and beyond.

Israeli-founded LifeBEAM is on its way to the million-dollar mark for its augmented reality (AI) personal trainer, Vi. The company’s Kickstarter campaign for Vi, running through July 20, topped its $100,000 goal in just 90 minutes.

“Frankly, the folks at Fitbit should be freaking out. I think I just saw the future of exercise,” reports Thrillist about the Vi device.

Gun safety is a top priority today the world over but there are still too many stories about accidental discharges. So, a team of IDF veterans – from combat and elite technology units – have come together to improve storage solutions with the ZØRE-X gun lock.

The lock, according to its makers, is revolutionary because it lets gun owners “go from a locked firearm to disengaging & chambering a round and firing it.” The ZØRE-X electro mechanical dial lets owners unlock their firearm in “any circumstances, even in the dark.”

The Israeli tech allows the lock to be opened by turning the dial a few notches back and forth according to a pre-selected PIN code, regardless of the dial starting point.

The ZØRE-X will also notify owners if the gun has been tampered with.

The crowdfunding community pushed the Zore team past their $100,000 goal in 48 hours. The campaign is running for two months.

Ammoland, a shooting sports news service, declared Zore “the most promising gun storage company of the 21st century.”

Image courtesy of Zore.
Image courtesy of Zore.

And a crowdsourcing campaign promoting products produced and/or designed in Israel met its $55,000 goal this month and will be sending mouthwatering and aesthetically pleasing goods from Israel to the rest of the world. It’s called the iBox, or Israel Box, and it’s a surprise box of blue-and-white goodies.

Similar to the Koofsa box, the iBox will be sent every two to three months to members around the globe.

The team behind this initiative says its mission is to help small businesses “which don’t have enough power to market themselves around the world.”

iBox contains a surprise mix of blue-and-white products. Image: screenshot
iBox contains a surprise mix of blue-and-white products. Image: screenshot