December 23, 2002

With the Power Pack, cell phone users won’t have to remember to charge their batteries every night.Calling it a global breathrough in the mobile devices industry, Medis Technologies together with Israel Aircraft Industries have launched Power Pack.

The compact device operates on the basis of fuel cells, and supply users with continuous power for cell phones and mobile computers, without relying on loading from an external power source.
Power Pack allows a user to operate a phone while simultaneously recharging a depleted battery.

Each fuel cartridge has enough power to charge a battery twice or handle six to nine hours of talk time. There is no need to load the battery from a regular power source during the night or during the working day. The user then discards the spent cartridge and powers up a new one.

A team of 25 scientists at Medis’s Israeli headquarters in Yehud working in conjunction with scientists at Israel Aircraft Industries which holds a 25% stake in Medis, developed the new power loader.

The Power Pack is designed to be less than two-thirds the size and one half the weight of the cell phone or PDA and not emit discernable heat.

According to Robert K. Lifton, Chairman and CEO of Medis Technologies, the pre-production prototype of our Power Pack will ready for production engineering by the end of 2003 with the aim of having Power Pack products in the market in 2004.

“There are already over one billion users of portable electronic devices, growing at a rate of over 200 million users a year,” Lifton said. “The Medis Power Pack will provide a power source to run the cell phones, PDAs and other devices for those who use their devices so frequently that they run out of power, for those who decide in a world of increased emergencies that they never want to be disconnected, for those who don’t want slavishly to have to charge their batteries every night and for those who forget to do so.

The World Economic Forum this month chose selected Medis as one of a select group of companies world-wide to be named a “Technology Pioneer.” Time Magazine also included the Power Pack in its recent Technology Forecast 2003.

“This is an important recognition of the major advances that Medis has achieved in its fuel cell technology for portable electronic devices,” said Lifton.

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