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July 11

Israel has revealed plans to construct a state-of-the-art supercomputer dedicated to training large artificial intelligence models.

This ambitious project, unveiled during the recent AI Week at Tel Aviv University, underscores Israel’s commitment to maintaining its newly confirmed status as a world leader in generative AI (GenAI).

Dror Bin, CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), dropped this big news while presenting a series of international studies highlighting Israel’s impressive achievements in the AI sector.

“I’m pleased to announce that in July, a call for proposals will be published for the establishment in Israel of a supercomputer for training large artificial intelligence models, for the benefit of the high-tech industry and academia,” Bin declared.

This initiative is part of a larger strategy to cement Israel’s position in the AI race. Bin revealed that the IIA plans to invest around 600 million shekels (about $163.5) in this initiative by the end of 2024, with the supercomputer project one of its cornerstones.

The proposed supercomputer is expected to significantly boost Israel’s AI capabilities in the high-tech industry and academia. This move could potentially catapult Israel to the forefront of AI research and development globally.

Third in the world in AI

The announcement comes on the heels of research showing that Israel now ranks third globally in the number of companies actively engaged in GenAI, with 73 firms operating in this cutting-edge field.

This places the nation behind only the United States and the United Kingdom in GenAI company concentration, outpacing many larger economies.

“At a time when Generative AI leads the forefront of innovation, we are witnessing impressive growth of Israeli companies in this field,” Bin stated, attributing Israel’s success to its unique blend of deep technological expertise, proven research capabilities and acute understanding of global market needs.

Dror Bin is steering the Israel Innovation Authority through tough times. Photo by Noam Chen
Dror Bin is steering the Israel Innovation Authority through tough times. Photo by Noam Chen

While celebrating these achievements, Bin emphasized the importance of continued investment in research infrastructure, human capital and international collaborations to maintain Israel’s competitive edge despite intensifying global competition.  

The IIA’s AI strategy includes expanded support programs for AI companies, initiatives to foster academia-industry collaborations and efforts to attract foreign investments.

With this strategic investment and its already strong position in GenAI, Israel is poised to play a pivotal role in the next wave of technological innovation, potentially revolutionizing industries and driving global progress in the AI era.

“Our goal is not only to maintain our status as a startup nation but to preserve Israel’s position as a global AI powerhouse,” Bin said.

“This is a national mission that will require close cooperation between the government, industry and academia. Through proper investment and strategic thinking, we can ensure that Israel continues to lead the next technological revolution.”

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