January 15, 2017, Updated May 1, 2017

We at ISRAEL21c are proud that our content gets reposted and reprinted around the world in many different languages.

But we didn’t know until recently that six of our articles have been translated into Arabic and shared with nearly 200,000 young Arabs, mainly in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Iraq.

The translations were done by JIMENA (Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa) for its two-year-old Arabic Outreach Program, which distributes social media and digital web content to young adults in North Africa and the Middle East on topics related to Jews with roots in these regions, anti-Semitism and racial intolerance, and Middle Eastern refugees.

“One of the articles reached over 35,000 people in North Africa, mostly in Algeria,” reports Sarah Levin, JIMENA executive director, adding that the Arabic Outreach Program team is led by non-Jewish Arabs from Syria and Egypt.

“The program is not focused on Israel, but we do on occasion highlight stories showcasing Israel’s ethnic diversity, its positive treatment of Arabs, and its work with Arabs,” Levin tells ISRAEL21c.

“After scouring the web for good sources, yours has turned out to be one of the best for Israel-related content. I love that you highlight stories that aren’t covered in mainstream media or by large Jewish organizations. When I started sifting through your website … it felt like we found all the excellent information that’s missing from most sources.”

The most popular ISRAEL21c article distributed through JIMENA’s Arabic Outreach Program during 2016 was “Ethnic harmony in an Israeli city you never heard of.”

The others were “Israeli volunteers care for world’s refugees,”  “Soccer and studies prove a winning formula for coexistence,” “Jewish and Arab women of Jaffa find common ground in music,”  “Radical new prejudice-busting techniques from Israel” and “Israeli doctors save Syrian lives.”


If you are translating ISRAEL21c material into other languages, we’d like to know more about it. Write to us at info@israel21c.org.

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Jason Harris

Jason Harris

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