Who is Israeli sprinter Donald Sanford’s hero? Which Israeli swimmer grew up in the desert? And which Israeli athlete spent over two years in hospital?

All the answers are in our new video series that introduces fans to Israel’s leading athletes. The project is called iMMERSE and it’s a joint initiative between the iCenter and ISRAEL21c.

With just a week to go before the 2012 London Games officially open, the media and bloggers are going all out in serving up the latest tidbits on the athletes participating in the Olympics.

The 13 athletes profiled in the iMMERSE series is the largest collection of Israeli Olympian biographical videos available.

ISRAEL21c's video of Neta Rivkin on IBA News.
Two television stations – IBA News and JLTV – have both picked up the series and are now broadcasting the clips to their audiences.

IBA News, Israel Television’s English broadcast, kicked off the series on July 17 with judokan Ariel Zeevi. The newscast will run one video each evening up to the beginning of the Games.

JLTV, a 24-hour TV network delivering Jewish-themed programming in North America, will air the iMMERSE videos as part of its regular program, Israel Today.

A number of other news websites have also linked to the project.

So, even if you’re not in London for the actual event – you can get to know the blue-and-white Olympians through your computer screen or television at home. It’s like a front row seat with nobody blocking the view.