Israel’s Agriculture Minister has said Israel will soon begin exporting medical marijuana abroad, according to a report in the online Hebrew-language magazine Cannabis.

“In two years we will have protocols in place that will allow farmers to grow cannabis,” Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel told Israel Radio, according to the report.

According to the article, Ariel plans to approve the appeal for exporting Israeli-grown medical marijuana.

In June, the government approved a plan to ease restrictions on growing medical marijuana in Israel.

Ariel said the Agriculture Ministry has set up specific areas for the research and trial of growing cannabis.

Israel is known for its progressive regulations with helping scientists’ research cannabis and clinically test its efficacy against myriad illnesses.

“The minute there will be exports, it means that the number of growers and quantity of cannabis to be produced in Israel can be enlarged greatly,” Dr. Nirit Bernstein, a senior research scientist at the Agricultural Research Organization’s Volcani Center, told The Jerusalem Post. “Instead of growing peppers in the Arava, people will grow cannabis – that’s the dream, the dream of many growers now.”

Bernstein also said that the idea of exporting cannabis is generating a lot of interest among prospective farmers in Israel.