A worker at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem handling coronavirus test samples. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

• The novel coronavirus pandemic will forever define 2020. Israel has responded to the crisis with typical ingenuity, quickly applying many existing technologies and inventing new ones for better prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of Covid-19 patients.

• January 15 marked a historic day for Israel and Egypt, as Israel began exporting liquified natural gas to its former enemy nation. The gas comes mainly from Leviathan, one of two major natural gas fields discovered in Israel over the past decade.

• Israeli start-up Beewise introduced Beehome, the world’s first autonomous beehive, that can house up to 2 million bees and take care of their health and upkeep through a simple app on the beekeeper’s phone or tablet.

• In a sign of warming ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Israel’s professional cycling team competed in the UAE Tour in February, becoming the first Israeli team to participate in the Middle East’s top cycling race.