July 18, 2010, Updated September 24, 2012

Israeli actress Alona Tal, best-known for her role in the American TV series Supernatural, was interviewed recently by iF Magazine.


Image via FanPix.com.

Tal, whose character was recently killed off on the show, says “… I’m grateful and I’m hoping soon I’ll have more than these teasing guest spots… and I can actually talk to you about my own show.”

She’s guest-starring in an episode of Leverage tonight on TNT, where she plays aspiring country singer/songwriter Kaye Lynn, who is aided by the gang, when she tangles with an unscrupulous music producer.

In the interview Tal, who is described as looking and sounding like the all-American girl despite being born and raised in Herzliya, Israel, says that she’s hoping for more appearances on Supernatural, because “… nobody truly dies” on the show.

She also told the magazine that she’s voicing a character in a CG production of Night of the Living Dead; that she recently did the voice of Israeli pre-state hero and poet Hannah Senesh for an episode of PBS’ Independent Lens; and that she appears in two upcoming films.

She describes Undocumented as “… an independent film that’s categorized as horror, but it’s… much smarter, much more socially connected” and Kalamity, which “… should premiere any moment,” as “… a nice suspense thriller.”

About her singing/songwriting career, she says, “It’s going to be private [in terms of not doing concerts] for now until I get the stage to do it. And then when the stage comes, and when it’ll be the right time, then it will.”

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