Two Israeli sports technology startups will help Israel’s pro cycling team members optimize training for their first Tour de France this June.

Tel Aviv-based Start-Up Nation Central (SNC) — a non-profit organization working to promote the Israeli high-tech industry – introduced the team’s management to eight sports-tech startups with high potential for helping the 30 cyclists in areas including injury prediction, continuous monitoring, and management of training load, nutrition and sleep.

The two chosen for pilots are Physimax Technologies, which uses computer vision and machine learning technologies to create personalized training programs for athletes to prevent overuse injuries; and Biobeat, which offers a wearable device for continuous, noninvasive, accurate, medical-grade monitoring of vital signs.

“This is a win-win scenario whereby the startups improve their products, and our team increases its opportunity to perform to the highest level,” said the team’s Performance Director Paulo Saldanha.

SNC and the Israeli team have a partnership agreement under which the Israel Cycling Academy will compete in the Tour deFrance under the name “Israel Start-up Nation.”

The other six startups that presented their products to the cycling team are:

Zone7: analyzing data from wearables and video; tracking medical condition and performance; forecasting injuries.
Nutricco: nutritional guidance system to help users track, calculate and manage daily nutritional balance with supplements.
Sleeprate: sleep monitoring, assessment and therapy in a unified package.
The Elegant Monkeys: extracting information about users’ emotional state from physiological sensor data.
Weairable: electro-optical sensor for monitoring lactate levels in the body to check for sepsis and measure endurance fitness.
ATLASense Biomed: simultaneous remote monitoring of medical data of a large number of people.