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June 11, 2015, Updated June 29, 2015
Photo by www.shutterstock.com
Photo by www.shutterstock.com

Take a selfie without hands? Connect with your favorite Chelsea footballers? Cope with an overflowing email inbox? Israeli app makers have you covered.

In honor of Israel Mobile Week – June 8-12, 2015 — ISRAEL21c brings you a dozen more made-in-Israel apps that could make your life healthier, more fun, and more efficient.

  1. uHealth is a focus- and attention-building iOS app from the folks at Umoove. It relies on made-in-Israel eye-tracking technology to guide children or adults through games designed to train them gradually to ignore distractions, focus and be more attentive. Points are earned as concentration improves and you advance to more challenging levels.
  1. Safie allows parents to keep track of, and automatically locate, their children through their phone. The app also notifies parents in case of emergency via a panic button. Each child can be tracked by as many as five adults, and the app can be installed on any smartphone (both parents and children need to install Safie for the app to be operative). Parents can receive updates on the whereabouts of their children every few minutes, every hour or once a day.
  1. Fansino, an app to connect fans and performance artists, won App of the Year at the 2015 Mobile World Congress. Fansino enables artists to manage and connect with their fan base from one place, find out who’s listening, track streaming services and online presence, and keep tabs on social-media mentions. It allows fans to gain rank and get rewards, find other fans of the same artists, and follow favorites through one feed.
MPA15 Fansino
Fansino’s pitch won first prize at the Mobile Premier Awards in Barcelona, March 2015.
  1. Mashable called Qork “a refreshingly new take on local discovery.” Available in 25 languages, Qork lets users discover and share local content — including news, blog posts, events and conversations – and explore the area’s content via a map or a feed. Users can also create “qorks” to share interesting things such as restaurant reviews and local news, or to ask questions such as “What’s the best running routes in the area?” or “What local restaurant has the most authentic Vietnamese food?”
  1. Browz’In clues in mall shoppers to relevant bargains via targeted messages from the mall’s retailers. If you like what you see, you can redeem the promo like a personalized coupon. “Our goal is to enable smaller retailers to advertise on the smartphones of consumers in their vicinity, in order to compete with the chain stores that are creating in their own branded apps to promote their stores,” explains Jerusalem-based Browz’In inventor Maxime Seligman.


  1. Most of us suffer from inbox clutter, and that is what MailWise was created to fix. The Android app offers a range of features to streamline and simplify email communications, such as omitting repetitive information ( signatures, headers, formalities); providing a chat-like view of ongoing email threads, automatically grouping updates and notifications from social networks, and controlling when to receive notifications and when to block them. MailWise supports most email services and keeps all user info private.
  1. Hop turns email messages into chat conversations similar to the way you’d use SMS or chat apps. Use it to connect with other users in real time through video, photos, documents, live chat and voice calls, synced with desktop emails so conversations, documents and media are stored on your cloud service. US tech evangelist Robert Scoble said Hop “blows away Mailbox and the Gmail app.”
  1. VoGi, billed as the world’s first app for sending voice emojis (over WhatsApp), was conceived during a Jerusalem hackathon earlier this year and launched in beta on a budget of just $15. That money was spent on a Fiverr campaign to hire three “talented and funny people” to record most of the sounds. VoGi seeks to put the human touch into texting, and future versions will let users create and send personalized VoGis in one click without typing. The team is already in discussions with a large car manufacturer.
  1. ENTiTi by WakingApp is an augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) platform to create interactive and dynamic content without any prior development experience. All content is instantly available online for any mobile device or VR/AR glasses. WakingApp launched the beta version at the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where it was a finalist in the Global Mobile Awards for “best technology enabler.”


     10. The touch-free photography app Snapi uses machine-vision and gesture-recognition tech from Israel’s eyeSight Technologies  to capture photos within a 13-foot range. Open the app on your device, raise an open palm in front of the camera, close your palm into a fist and open it again to start the timer and capture the photo. Another Israeli app offering hands-free selfies is CamMe.

11. InPlay,  a social messaging app with a soccer twist, lets fans and clubs interact using customizable trending content, chat tools and images and video sharing. The Israeli app scored a partnership with Chelsea FC to help fans meet and engage with each other, as well as with the club and its players. “We wanted to create the digital form of tribal belonging that fans embrace,” said InPlay CEO Meni Michaeli. InPlay has also designed a monetization platform for third-party developers and publishers to reach this hyper-focused online community.

Interact with Chelsea players and fans.
Interact with Chelsea players and fans.

     12. Musketeer free personal safety app connects people who want to help with people needing help in their area. Users can alert others to a crime or other incident when it happens, with the ability to attach a photo, video or voice note.

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