NFL players turn to Israel’s AposTherapy to counter pain

Herzliya company says its personalized footwear can reduce knee and back pain by altering gait and improving mobility.

It’s not the first footwear company to say its funny-looking footwear can help treat knee and back pain non-invasively. But the FDA-approved AposTherapy shoes are making headlines thanks to veteran NFL players, who are hailing the Israeli-made biomechanical device for its effectiveness.

Founders and doctors Avi Elbaz and Amit Mor say the device can reduce knee and back pain by altering gait and improving mobility.

Former New York Giants players Bart Oates and Karl Nelson and New York Jets running back Bruce Harper are among the Herzliya company’s high profile customers, according to a recent article by Bloomberg.

AposTherapy sells shoes that look like they’ve got halved tennis balls under the soles. The company says its system is a “personalized, non-surgical and drug-free treatment program for knee and back pain, which utilizes a foot-worn biomechanical device that is individually-calibrated by specially-trained physical therapists.”

AposTherapy was recently nominated for the prestigious “Israeli Company of the Year 2013/14” award by UK ISRAEL BUSINESS alongside leading companies like Teva, Israel Chemicals and Plus500.

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