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November 26, 2014, Updated February 24, 2016
Image via Shutterstock.com.
Image via Shutterstock.com.

Made-in-Israel mobile applications have been changing radically how we get from one place to another (Waze, GetTaxi); share videos and photos (Glide, for example), monitor our health; edu-tain our children  and many other areas of our lives.

New apps are popping up all the time. Here are some of the newest blue-and-white apps for business and pleasure.

  1. 24me

Forbes recently named 24me as one of “7 Great Apps to Simplify Your Life.” This iOS 8-ready app is touted as a next-generation personal assistant because it not only keeps you on top of your to-do list but also has cool features such as task-management and bill-paying components.

  1. Any.do

Any.do is a suite of integrated mobile productivity apps. Its original time-management app made the App Store’s “Best Apps of 2012″ list and also won Android’s Best App status. Now used by an estimated 10 million people, Any.do allows users to manage daily tasks through voice command or touchscreen. Any.do Moment prompts users to do a daily productivity ritual, while Cal assigns tasks to calendar events and merges to-do items with specific meetings. A reward feature lets users win prizes and coupons for completing tasks.Click here for more.

  1. VocalReferences

This Android and iOS app offers merchants a set of tools to capture, display and share video and text testimonials from customers to display on their website and on social media, among other platforms. VocalReferences is also available via Yahoo Commerce Central, the Yahoo Small Business Center and Yahoo’s Web Hosting product. Customers giving the testimonials can use the app to share feedback with friends.

  1. Slidely SHOW

Billed as a “next-generation personal movie creator,” Slidely’s iOS app allows users to create movies from photos and videos taken directly from their social-media networks and mobile devices. The HD video is created instantly and can be shared via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp, or saved to the mobile device. Features include slow motion or fast motion effects, “shake to shuffle” and a movie feed enabling other users’ creations to be viewed, liked and shared.

  1. Intimate City 

“Having a great time, wish you were here” has just gotten updated with this mobile app for iOS and Android. Intimate City is a social-media platform for travelers to send personalized virtual postcards and stamps — to be shared publicly or only to select recipients – as well as photo albums and videos. Its proprietary Request for Information (RFI) function is an algorithm that allows members to pose travel-related questions to anyone else using the application.

  1. Split 
An antisocial app.
An antisocial app.

Call it the antisocial app. The free iOS and Android app Split uses data gathered from social-network updates and check-ins to help users avoid anyone they don’t want to bump into. Users log on to Facebook and select people from their social network they prefer not to meet (exes, bosses, etc.). The app sends an alert when the selected people are nearby and shows a route on a map to avoid them. Split also allows users to hide their location from others.

  1. NokNok 

This app has been evolving since it was introduced a couple of years ago as a way to make free calls and then to identify callers visually. Its newest function enables Android or iOS users to see how callers identify them in their contact lists, initiate an anonymous chat with that person and “manage their reputation” by requesting to be named in a different way. Last summer, NokNok reached the No. 1 spot in Apple’s App Store in Israel and No. 3 in the Google Play Store. Now it also has an “incognito” button for group chats.

  1. Camera51

This camera app for Android devices guides users to take better photos with the help of a complex algorithm that identifies and analyzes objects, faces, shapes, lines and scenes and provides real-time directions for camera position, focus and exposure. It takes the traditional rules of composition into account, and offers features such as auto framing/auto composition, selfie guidance, and manual and multi object selection.

  1. PanStage 

This social recording app for iOS and Android lets users create, record and play music together. Meant for singers and instrumentalists alike, PanStage also allows you to choose who joins your recording. Play it, change it or decide it’s ready and share it.



When you’re traveling abroad, this free mobile VoIP app for Android lets you make local or international calls at low cost and receive calls for free on your regular phone number, using any type of data connection. Travee works even if the other person does not have the app installed.


This shopping app seeks to socialize the experience by letting users discover, buy and share products or services with friends and finding the best deals for those things for one buyer or for a group of buyers. Businesses can use this free app to send offers, respond to reviews or organize customer clubs.


Can’t decide which shoes to buy? Need fast advice about a relationship? Looking for a restaurant recommendation or a statistic? Askem lets you upload photos or create real-time short videos asking interactive questions – textual or numeric — to share with friends. You can receive up to five pop-up answers.


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