August 28, 2012

Leading scientists from academia and industry from Israel will join their American colleagues in a showcase of the latest research and cutting edge technologies for investigating brain function and brain disorders at a conference next month.

The symposium – “Accelerating US–Israel Neuroscience & Neurotechnology Collaborations” — is set to take place on September 12 in Washington, DC. It will include speakers from Israel and United States on topics including leading developments and breakthroughs relating to the functions, disorders and brain diseases.

The sessions will focus on memory and brain training, brain-PC interface, trauma and stroke, post traumatic stress disorder, brain cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

The conference is jointly organized and cosponsored by the BIRD (Bi-national Israel-US Industrial Research and Development) Foundation, the BSF Foundation (US-Israel Bi-national Science Foundation), and USISTF (US-Israel Science & Technology Foundation).

Among the speakers: Dr. Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the US, Patrick Kennedy, co-founder of the organization One Mind For Research; Dr. James Kelly, Director of NICoE (National Intrepid Center of Excellence) which operates a center for trauma-damaged soldiers through simulations and holistic therapy, Bill Doyle, CEO of the Israeli company NovoCure which has developed innovative oncological breakthrough treatment of brain cancer, and Dr. Jeffrey S. Nye, VP and Global Head of Neuroscience External Innovation at Johnson and Johnson.

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Jason Harris

Jason Harris

Executive Director

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