For the second time at the world’s top financial technology trade show, Israeli startup TipRanks has pocketed the ‘Best of Show’ honor for its cloud-based accountability engine for investors. More than 1,000 leading banking and financial institution executives, venture capitalists, and fintech entrepreneurs taking part in Finovate Fall 2013 recently chose the Tel Aviv-based financial analytical service for the prestigious title.

In May of this year, TipRanks was awarded “Best of Show” at Finovate Spring, taking place in San Francisco.

“It is a great honor to be awarded twice ‘Best of Show’ by Finovate’s esteem group financial leaders,” said Gilad Gat, co-founder and CTO of TipRanks. “We are a consumer-based product whose goal is to provide our customers with accurate, transparent, and immediate information so that they can be a better-educated consumer. While there is no greater joy than to see the reaction we receive from our clients, our peers, and industry professionals, to be honored with ‘Best of Show’ twice at a conference is a great honor that we do not take lightly.”

TipRanks is the first online co-browser that aggregates and rates digitally published stock recommendations. It provides individual investors with unbiased information about the reliability, accuracy, and track record of those who provide sell-side advice.

Software engineer Uri Gruenbaum set up the company in 2012 after losing money online by following bad stock-picking advice. TipRanks’ online tool aims to give power back to the individual investor.

At Finovate Fall 2013, the company announced its newest feature: DataBase API.

DataBase API allows third parties to utilize data aggregated and analyzed by TipRanks algorithms. With this new feature, financial and business news websites can embed a live feed of recommendations from all over the web, complete with accuracy metrics and overall analyst consensus and a weighted consensus, giving different analysts opinions varying weight according to their past measured performance.

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