March 21, 2012, Updated July 14, 2015


Sculptor and painter Dan Ben-Arye likes taking tour groups around his home, the artist’s colony of Ein Hod in the scenic Carmel region of Israel.

“In 1953, an artist by the name of Marcel Janco came to Ein Hod, and he decides it’s going to be an artist’s village,” Ben-Arye explains. “Marcel Janco was a painter, he was a sculptor, he was part of the Dada movement in the previous century. They wanted to start the world from the beginning. This place is a haven for artists.”

Photo courtesy of tour guide David Hyman
Ein Hod boasts galleries, workshops and museums.

Over the years, Ein Hod residents – who include painters, sculptors, musicians, writers and stage performers — have won 10 Israel Prizes. Today the colony boasts 18 galleries, as well as 14 workshops where tourists can make an appointment to come and work with many different kinds of artists. Among its museums is one devoted to music boxes and mechanical music.