December 28, 2015

It was an outstanding year for ISRAEL21c’s video section as we chalked up 3.7 million views of our video clips on our Facebook page and another 72,000 views of our 2015 videos on our YouTube channel, bringing the total views since we began posting online videos to some 9 million.

Our viewers come from around the globe to see a slice of Israel not usually presented in the mainstream media.

Videos in our Postcard From Israel series, which are two-minute travel vlogs of a city or destination, continue to be the most popular among our viewers.

Here are our top five made-in-2015 videos:

Postcard from Israel: Machane Yehuda

A two-minute visual stroll through Jerusalem’s outdoor marketplace (shuk), Machane Yehuda, proved to be the best-loved video made by ISRAEL21c this year.

The video is part of our Postcard from Israel series that includes fun and beautiful places you may have never seen before or haven’t seen like this.

Our videographer Asi Aivas, whose work has been published by top news channels the world over, jostles with the crowds through this lively marketplace and brings the viewer into the heart of the market.

Click play on the video above to watch Postcard from Israel: Machane Yehuda for the first time, or for a second or third time.

Chocolate Rugelach in Jerusalem

The Machane Yehuda marketplace in Jerusalem boasts a bakery that manages to entice customers from around the globe. The Marzipan bakery, which has expanded into a chain, sells all sorts of cookies and pastries – but not marzipan, despite its name – and none as popular as its gooey chocolate rugelach.

Are these the world’s best rugelach? Click on our video to find out.

Postcard from Israel: Farmers’ Market at Tel Aviv Port

Another visual tour of another marketplace logged the third most views of all 2015 videos on our Facebook page and YouTube channel this year.

In 2014, ISRAEL21c published a gorgeous video of the Tel Aviv Port. In 2015, we returned to shoot the popular farmers’ market (Shuk Hanamal) there, where you can purchase the freshest farm produce, cheeses, olives, meats, breads and baked goods.


Postcard from Israel: Sunset on Tel Aviv 

Sunsets from the Tel Aviv shore of the Mediterranean Sea are celebrated for their splendor. ISRAEL21c set up a camera on two consecutive nights to capture beach life as the day draws to a close.

Click play on the video above to see why so many travel websites recommend watching the sunset in Tel Aviv.

Postcard from Israel: Mishkenot Sha’ananim 

The Jerusalem neighborhood of Mishkenot Sha’ananim (“Tranquil Dwellings”), just across from the walls of the Old City, dates to the 19th century and is one of the city’s most beautiful residential areas.

ISRAEL21c’s video gives viewers a snapshot of Mishkenot Sha’ananim’s manicured parks, fountains, fine dining, historical buildings and cultural institutions in a minute-and-a-half video postcard.

Watch the video and travel vicariously with us!

To watch ISRAEL21c’s other videos (we have more than 700), please check out our YouTube channel here or click on the video section on our Facebook page here.

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