Campaigns around the globe for Breast Cancer Awareness Month were big and bold throughout the month of October. But a Tel Aviv stunt is gaining international curiosity after a local non-profit organization dressed an iconic city sculpture in a huge hot-pink brassiere to raise awareness.

The One in Nine organization teamed up with the family of the late Israeli sculptor/painter Menashe Kadishman to give his famous Uprise sculpture of three giant circles an unusual makeover.

The week-long installation features two of the five-meter-diameter circles sporting silky lingerie.

The sculpture was chosen because of its central location in Habima Square.

One out of every eight women in Israel may develop breast cancer, according to Israel Cancer Association statistics.

“Fear, lack of knowledge, or misinformation regarding breast cancer are factors that prevent many women from taking responsibility for their health, becoming acquainted with their breasts and undergoing early detection exams. About 90% of patients can be cured if the disease is detected at an early stage. Early detection is the most effective proven means of fighting breast cancer,” says Miri Ziv, ICA director general.

One in Nine says its message is to raise public awareness of breast cancer and advance breast health in Israel. Its hot-pink bra installation is meant to be a call to all women aged 30 and up to get screened for breast cancer.

The Everything is Honey costume studio in Tel Aviv carried out the awareness-raising project.

“The advertising agency came up with the idea and hesitated over whether it was possible or not,” artists David “Dush” Barashi (who is also a Dream Doctor medical clown) and Danny Bar Shai told Ynet. “We are two nutcases who love challenges in the street of all shapes and sizes, so we said – of course it’s possible.”