Abigail Klein Leichman
October 7, 2018

Ever taken a Solar Sound Bath? If you’d like to try it, take your rubber ducky and head over to Tel Aviv’s Charles Clore Park at 5:30pm on October 11.

Actually, the Solar Sound Bath doesn’t involve water and you don’t have to bring anything but a donation.

This mindfulness and wellness event — featuring activities such as yoga led by Victoria and Kim from House of Sun – hinges on the healing power of instruments resonating at different frequencies to open the body’s chakras (energy centers).

Solar Sound Bath uses amplified musical instruments to open chakras for healing and wellness. Photo courtesy of SolarSoundSystem

The sounds of those instruments will be amplified by SolarSoundSystem, the year-old Israeli branch of a Swiss NGO that builds customized solar-powered amplification systems for all types of events.

“Our main goal is to promote ecology through the spectrum of culture,” says photographer and web designer Rubens Ben, a French immigrant who used his own savings to bring SolarSoundSystem to Israel after working with the founder to establish branches in Paris, Berlin, Biarritz (Basque Country) and Hong Kong.

“We offer the public to share an energetic and participatory experience,” says Ben. “Our systems consist of turntables for DJs, and a powerful sound system that can cover from 50 to 500 people. We also propose systems for events and festivals with more than 500 people with a solar generator.”

SolarSoundSystem has powered several hundred workshops and events across more than 10 countries, from France to Japan. Performance artists and labels that support and interact with the project include Ninja Tunes, Cadenza Records, MentalGroove, Sayag Jazz Machine and Martina Topley Bird.

Solar Sound Bath in Tel Aviv will see the debut of speakers built by Ben; before that, he was using off-the-shelf speakers for SolarSoundSystem events in Tel Aviv parks, pubs, bars and cafés.

Custom-built SolarSoundSystem units amplify music and other sounds with renewable energy. Photo: courtesy

“We want to show how you can amplify events and parties with renewable off-the-grid energy. People are very interested in the machine and it creates a social energy,” Ben tells ISRAEL21c. “It’s good to show a specific example so people can understand how it works.”

Every sound system is designed uniquely for the occasion in which it will be used. Units range from small portable renewable cellphone charging stations to DJ booths. The modules can be charged in a variety of ways, including active cycling by participants on attached bikes or tricycles.

“The community gets the opportunity to see solar panels working firsthand and to participate in the production of electricity through bicycle power,” says Ben, who runs the local project with Gavriel Vinegrad, who honed his skills at Solarica.

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