The latest video clip to take over Israeli social media circles is a throwback to the Nintendo Super Mario game. But this short clip is also a social-awareness call to society to provide better accessibility for people with disabilities.

The team behind the 1’46-long clip is called Tachles, from the Yiddish/Israeli slang for “purpose.” The guys who make up this group – a rock star (Liron Atia from Blue Pill), an ad guy (Roi Meyshar) and comedian/social activist Gadi Wilcherski — say they’re on a mission to expose the truth behind the marketing world in a humorous manner.

The clip shows the iconic Super Mario plumber in a wheelchair trying to navigate over sewers to score points. Of course, without ramps, Mario finds it near impossible to move forward.

Tachles says it chose to highlight accessibility issues because it is “close to their hearts.” Atia, who, in addition to his musical career, also co-runs the Look&Listen creative studio in Ashkelon with Meyshar, is paralyzed in his lower limbs following a skiing accident.

“Not So Super Mario” was released on December 28, 2015, and within 48 hours racked up over 300,000 views on YouTube and Facebook.

In 2014, Tachles scored its first mega hit with “Anal-B” – a parody of the toothbrush brand. The team has also lampooned HOT cable company and society’s addiction to smartphones.

Its latest video clip is in English to draw the world’s attention to the need for better accessibility regardless of where one lives.

“It’s not the 80s anymore. Enable access for everyone,” Arcade-style words declare after Mario successfully finishes a level.