October 10, 2023, Updated October 31, 2023

Once again, the world has turned its attention to Israel for all of the wrong reasons. 

It’s not for the remarkable contributions Israelis make in the fields of science and technology. It’s not because Israel has the best food scene on the planet. Nor is it for the individuals who bring people together to promote peace and understanding. 

It’s because terrorists have thrust violence upon a civilian population, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. 

Since 2001, ISRAEL21c has covered life in Israel, beyond any conflict. We are optimistic storytellers, shining a light on the shared values, innovative spirit, and positive impact of the Israeli people. 

Today, we must strike a different tone. 

In order to continue to tell the story of the Israeli people, then we simply cannot ignore the significance of the targeted violence over the weekend. Innocent civilians — infants, teenagers, Holocaust survivors — enjoying a holiday weekend were slain, injured, and abducted by terrorists.

We must elevate their stories for the world to see and understand. Because if we don’t, no one else will. 

As a first step we are launching a social media campaign to drive awareness and we need your help. Here is what you can do to participate:

  1. Share this image of a ribbon hung on an olive tree on your social media profiles. You can download the picture from the link above or share it directly from our Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn pages.
  1. Share your “why” — tell your friends, family, and online community about the devastating reality in Israel, why it matters to you, and encourage them to participate in this campaign in solidarity. 
  1. Donate and support efforts on the ground. We have developed and will routinely update a central resource of the many different grassroots campaigns and organizations who are providing services to victims. 

Together, with your participation, we can keep the world’s attention on this humanitarian crisis and ensure none of these people are ever forgotten.

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