May 16, 2022
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The challenges from inventory and pandemic-related roadblocks continue to create barriers for the property and construction industries across the globe. As a result, innovation has excelled and a new generation of ConTech and PropTech solutions have been launched to address these challenges. Enterprises and investors are increasingly interested in disruptive technologies and innovations in the ConTech and PropTech domains.

A report by the investment bank Keefe, Bruyette & Woods noted that a record $4 billion of VC equity funding flooded the proptech field in the first quarter of 2022, hitting an all-time high. This was an increase of 41 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2021, and a 31 percent increase from last year. These impressive statistics followed a record year for proptech fundraising, when VC investment in the sector reached $11.7 billion.

BuiltUpVentures (BUV) by Besadno is a fund that specializes in early-stage, innovative, Israeli property and construction technology (Proptech and Contech). Several of our portfolio companies are making significant global contributions in these two up-and-coming sectors.

“Builtup Ventures created an ecosystem where investors and startups can come together to launch new technological solutions that are changing the PropTech horizon, as well as enable a more secure financial path for startups. Until recently, these types of opportunities were only available to an elite group of investors”, explained BUV COO Zev Steinberger.

With offices in NYC, Tel Aviv, and now a new hub in Dubai, BUV boasts an impressive portfolio ranging from Robotic ConTech solutions to intelligent property management platforms.

BuiltUp Ventures was a major sponsor of 2022 NY Build Expo for Real Estate and Contech solutions. Photo by BuiltUp Ventures.

“Following the recent Israeli-Emirati PropTech and ConTech conference in Dubai, we realized what a potentially crucial impact Israeli innovation will have on the construction industry in the coming years. The interest in our portfolio companies was overwhelming”, explained Steinberger.

Besadno Group’s investment specialization is more comprehensive. It provides investment opportunities in early-stage innovative Israeli startups, commercial companies, and real estate in Israel and around the world. With over 10,000 members and an impressive portfolio, Besadno offers accredited U.S. investors access to some of Israel’s most promising, innovative, hi-tech and real estate opportunities.

Besadno and BuiltUp Ventures operate in strict conformance to applicable securities laws and regulations in both America and the US, while being committed to following the highest ethical business practices. Besadno’s values derive from Founder/CEO Eli Gross’s religious worldview and commitment to ethical practices. As such, the company only selects those portfolio companies that potentially offer strong financial opportunities with the expectation of a positive societal impact.

All of BUV’s portfolio companies provide essential, innovative, solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency within the real estate and construction industry. With years of experience investing in real estate and high-tech startups, and a dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, BUV provides the go-to-market knowledge that can significantly contribute to the portfolio companies’ success.

As history has shown, Israel is home to some of today’s most innovative and successful technologies in the world. As part of an ongoing global trend within the industry in adopting innovative technologies, Israel’s contributions to this sector are remarkable. According to Deloitte’s January 2022 report, “Shaping the Future of Construction and Real-Estate”, there are now more than 250 Israeli Proptech startups! To put it into perspective, there were only seven Israeli Proptech startups in 2008.

BUV COO, Zev Steinberger is excited about the fund’s future. “The combination of our portfolio companies’ unique, innovative, Proptech and Contech solutions combined with the global market’s eagerness to adopt these new technologies makes us excited about what the future holds for BUV and our portfolio companies.”

Accredited investors who wish to explore investment opportunities with BuiltUp Ventures, click here.

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