Rachel Neiman
September 28, 2013

Israel’s Prime Minister Menachem Begin is the first Israeli personality to be remembered in a joint initiative between the Google Cultural Institute and museums and cultural institutions around the world. The initiative makes materials from various cultural institutions — usually accessible only to a local public — available to people everywhere via the Internet.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week launched the virtual exhibit marking the centenary of Begin’s birth.

Through the Menachem Begin Heritage Center’s collection of photographs and video clips, the exhibit tells Begin’s life story, starting with his birth in Poland, through his activities in the Betar movement, his imprisonment by the Soviets…

Source: KGB archives via Wikipedia

….on through his arrival in the Land of Israel, his time in hiding before the establishment of the State…

Source: Jabotinsky Institute collection, the National Photo Collectdion, State of Israel via Wikipedia

…and the key roles he played in Israeli politics – in the opposition, as a minister and as Prime Minister.

At the launch ceremony, Begin Center Chairman Makov showed Netanyahu photographs of the signing of the peace agreement with Egypt as well as the peace agreement itself, signed by Prime Minister Begin, US President Jimmy Carter and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat,

Source: U.S. News and World Report collection, the US Library of Congress via Wikipedia

Netanyahu said, “Menachem Begin taught us that peace is made and upheld only with the strong. There is much to learn from this splendid exhibit about this exemplary personality. Here one may surf our collective memory which is composed of the great spirit and the great deeds of great people.”

Google Israel Research and Development Director Yossi Matias said, “The internet has led to the democratization of the arts, history and heritage, and is able to help preserve important material for the future such as documents, photographs and letters, which over time might be forgotten and could disappear.

“Via the Google Cultural Institute, we are pleased to provide the technology through which the people at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center will be able to upload archival material and, from the physical exhibit, provide background documentation and context, and render it accessible to people around the world.”

Source: US Department of Defense, via Wikipedia

Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat said, “Begin led a political-social revolution in Israel, and Google is leading an information technology revolution. Today we link the two so that Begin’s life and deeds will be accessible to all at the click of a mouse.”

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