Zachy Hennessey
May 12

The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has reported that Israel’s population has reached 9.9 million people, just in time for the country’s 76th birthday celebrated this year on May 14.

This marks an increase of 189,000 individuals, or 1.9 percent, compared to last year’s figures. The report further projects that the population will cross the significant 10-million milestone by the close of 2024.

Breaking down the demographics, the CBS report states that out of the 9.9 million residents, 7.247 million (73.2%) identify as Jews, 2.089 million (21.1%) as Arabs, and the remaining 564,000 (5.7%) fall into the category of “other.”

Over the past year, the country has witnessed various demographic shifts. Approximately 60,000 people died, while around 196,000 babies were born.

Approximately 37,000 individuals chose Israel as their new home through immigration, while the report notes that approximately 80% of Jewish Israelis were born within the borders of Israel.

A closer look at the age distribution reveals that 28% of Israelis fall within the 0-14 age bracket, indicating a significant youth demographic, while 12% are aged 65 and above.

As Israel prepares to commemorate its Independence Day, these demographic insights serve as a testament to the country’s ongoing growth and societal composition, reflecting a diverse tapestry of cultures and age groups.

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