As violence and uncertainty escalate in Ukraine, Israeli universities are coming to the aid of their Ukrainian students and those affected by the turbulent situation in the war-stricken country, providing them with emotional support, financial aid and scholarships and accommodation in Israel.

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has made its psychological services available for students affected by the war in Ukraine, and has invited students and researchers in Ukraine to spend a semester at the Israeli university, providing them with accommodation, a scholarship and assistance in obtaining a student visa.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has reached out to students of Ukrainian origin who have been affected by the war, offering them immediate academic, emotional and financial support. It is also inviting students and academics from Ukraine to continue their studies or research in Jerusalem for a few months, providing them with monthly stipends and free room and board on campus. It is also offering temporary academic posts to Ukrainian academics and graduate students.

Hebrew University hoisted the Ukrainian flag on its Mount Scopus campus. University President Prof. Asher Cohen said this gesture makes an important statement that “we at the Hebrew University are deeply troubled by the crisis unfolding in Ukraine and send a message of support and strength to the people of Ukraine. Our heart is with the Ukrainian people.”

Reichman University, formerly knowns as IDC Herzliya, has 14 students from Ukraine studying at its Raphael Recanati International School. Two are currently in western Ukraine, where the university is keeping in touch with them daily and attempting to help transfer them to safety. The rest of the students are in Israel and are being offered psychological services, exemptions and financial aid as needed.

At the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, students affected by the war have been invited to receive emotional support. The university also sent out a letter inviting students and academics from Ukraine to spend a year at the institute and has set up a designated budget for this purpose.

Tel Aviv University, too, has designated a budget of around NIS 1 million to welcome Ukrainian students and researchers to spend the upcoming semester at the university. The scholarships will cover tuition and living expenses.

“As a university that raises the banner of academic freedom, we place great importance on providing our Ukrainian colleagues with immediate assistance,” Tel Aviv University said in a statement.