November 5, 2015, Updated November 11, 2015

The photo of Israeli security officers holding boxes of Krembo, a chocolate-covered marshmallow candy, and striding towards a Royal Jordanian flight on the tarmac of the Ben-Gurion Airport is still making locals smile.

The sweet treat – an Israeli winter-time favorite – was given to passengers aboard an Airbus en route from Dubai to Amman, who suddenly found themselves in an emergency landing scenario in Tel Aviv.

Reports cited poor visibility and low fuel as reasons the Jordanian flight crew requested a Tel Aviv landing.

It was Israel’s idea to give passengers a sweet snack. And, Krembo is the country’s most famous treat in winter. Bamba, the peanut flavored puffed corn, is the country’s No. 1 snack food.

The Royal Jordanian plane landed safely, refueled, and jetted off for Amman not long after.




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