Delegates from the United States, China, India, Japan, South Africa, Australia and more than 10 other countries came to the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv in June for the Israel EdTech Summit to learn about emerging topics and technologies, groundbreaking research and investment trends in education technology.

“The Summit explored subjects that are rarely addressed in an education environment – such as cyberEDU and neuroscience — and showcased companies at the cutting edge of the sector,” said Joshua Schwartz, founder and managing partner of East Wind Advisors in New York, the event’s co-host with EdTech Israel and Tel Aviv University (TAU).

“As a global leader in technological innovation, with an abundance of entrepreneurial talent, Israel is well positioned to become a hub for the global ed-tech industry. The Summit is the perfect vehicle to shine a light on this sector in Israel and accelerate all of the positive trends.”

In all, a record 730 attendees from 16 countries came to meet nearly 200 entrepreneurs and see dozens of exhibitions showcasing Israel’s ed-tech innovations. Among the experts on hand were Yossi Vardi, John Katzman, Saul Singer and Roni Zehavi.

Some of the Israeli ed-tech companies represented were TinyTap, Minerva Labs, examPAL, BRIXO, eTeacher Group and CodeMonkey.

Udi Miron, founder and CEO of Ananey Communications multi-channel TV firm in Israel, discussed what the education industry can learn from the entertainment industry. Scientists and researchers from TAU’s Minducate program talked about the university’s multidisciplinary project to reboot learning with neuroscience.

“The next frontier is digital personalized learning, and it will transform universities as we know them,” predicted Yuval Schraibman, CEO of TAU Online. “What we do in Israel will have a worldwide impact in higher ed.”