March 20, 2017, Updated March 21, 2017

Insomniacs and sleep disorder sufferers can expect a great snooze soon thanks to a new joint venture from within the Israeli medical cannabis industry that will offer a controlled dose cannabis formulation for long-term treatment.

CannRx Technologies and iCAN:Israel-Cannabis today announced their joint venture to market ican.sleep, the first advanced sleep cannabis formulation utilizing the CannTrap platform.

The CannTrap platform is a proprietary technology developed by CannRx that captures and stabilizes cannabinoids produced either by smoking, vaporizing or extraction technologies resulting in cannabinoids that are soluble and bioavailable. The result is rapid effect with a prolonged duration.

“We’re developing a new product for sleep – and there’s a huge need in the pharmaceutical area – and we’re using cannabis as a base,” Bill Levine, executive chairman of CannRx Technologies, told a press conference at today’s CannaTech event in Tel Aviv, Israel’s premier medical cannabis conference.

“We will identify how the cannabis affects the sleep process, recapture the cannabinoids that are having an impact, use a deliverable form – we’re using inhalation technology, we have a 10 minute onset time, which means you take a puff and you’ll be sleeping soon.”

CannRx and iCAN said ican.sleep is the first cannaceutical (GMP, pharmaceutical grade cannabis product) available to the tens of millions of adults suffering sleep disorders.

It will be launched to the global market following patient trials that will be taking place in Q3 2017. ican.sleep will use pharmaceutical grade delivery systems that will provide a stable, controlled dose, of a cannabis formulation making it a breakthrough treatment in the battle for a good night’s sleep.

“We are bringing the ican.sleep product into the United States, it’s an advanced cannabinoid formulation developed [in Israel],” Saul Kaye, co-founder of iCAN Israel-Cannabis and CannaTech, told a press conference today. “As an insomniac myself I am proud to be involved in bringing a next generation cannabis product to the market. Doseable, repeatable cannabis is a reality.”

“We believe this will be a breakthrough product for both our companies as well as Israeli technology in the cannabis industry,” said Levine.

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