Naama Barak
December 25, 2022, Updated December 27, 2022

Boson Energy, which harvests hydrogen from non-recyclable trash, recently won a top spot in a European contest celebrating all things sustainability.

Green hydrogen is considered an environmentally friendly source of power that can serve as an alternative to fossil fuel or even natural gas, since it does not produce carbon dioxide as a waste product, emitting only water vapor and warm air.

Boson Energy proposes using a readily available form of resource – non-recyclable waste – for hydrogen production. The Israeli-Swedish-Polish startup’s technology, developed in Israel, uses gasification to harvest hydrogen from non-recyclable waste and biomass in a process that in itself has a carbon-negative footprint, capturing one ton of carbon dioxide for each ton of waste treated.

“Waste is something that is always generated and always has to be treated,” Boson Energy CTO Liran Dor told ISRAEL21c earlier this year.

“We wanted to find a way to utilize that resource because we are living in a resource-poverty economy. People are starting to realize they can’t take it for granted anymore that the light will go on when they flip the switch.”

For its solution, Boson Energy was awarded the top spot in the hydrogen production track in the Tech Tour Sustainability22 Flagship Programme. Tech Tour, an independent European network that connects investors, entrepreneurs and corporate partners, held the event online and in Essen, Germany, over the past month. It awarded innovations in different tracks such as renewables, energy efficiency, digital solutions and transport.

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