The Shuka Truck guys usually based in New York City hopped over to Bogota to serve Colombians their famous shakshuka, tomatoey poached-egg dish that Israelis love for breakfast and all day long.

The stint was meant to be a one-off, to treat residents of the Colombian capital to a small taste of Israeli culture and lifestyle. Now, a video of the Shuka Truck guys in action and the first-timers tasting the dish has gone viral.

The Israeli Embassy in Bogota invited the three Israeli Shuka partners — Solomon Taraboulsi, Josh Sharon and Gabriel Israel – to Bogota for a four-day urban road trip to promote Israeli culture.

Locals in Colombia were thrilled to try the new dish. And the local media covered the food truck’s appearance – with one channel even setting up a live broadcast.

Two renowned Colombian chefs visited the truck and prepared shakshuka together with the young Israeli chefs.