May 12, 2016, Updated May 8, 2016

May 13th is International Hummus Day and a group of Israeli university students is serving up a new way to celebrate this chickpea dip: with a side dish of hot guys.

TheInterdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya students created an Instagram account called Hot Dudes and Hummus to add a helping of “humorous and attractive content to create a positive association with Israel.”

The account was started as a school project but has built up a following – over 2,300 followers as of writing this post — to remain in the public conscience.

“We just want to show Israel’s Yummiest,” the team writes.

“Dip into the creamy candids to see the dreamy dudes devouring hummus,” TMZ reports about the new Instagram account.

“It may sound like a bad joke, but Israelis are very serious about both their male specimens and their pureed chickpeas. While politics and peace negotiations might be their aim, there’s no hiding from the fact that they are simply posting pictures of Israeli beefsteaks with vegan dip,” reads a blog on Tablet. “And who can blame them?”

It makes sense that an equation of pureed chickpeas and macho men would be a winning combination. After all, Israelis love their hummus. The international day celebrating this wholesome spread started here. And there must be a good reason why so many blogs are dedicated to Israeli men.

Funny comments abound from the creators and followers alike. After one follower complained about the “hot factor” of one guy, the creators answered: “We cater to all tastes ;) more posts coming soon so hoping to cater to yours too!” 

Another follower writes: “This is amazing.”

The creators reply: “We hope Hot Dudes and Hummus will be everyone’s guilty pleasure, so we’re glad it’s already yours.”

Meanwhile, the Hummus Day site — in case ogling others eating this healthy dish doesn’t do it for you — includes restaurants around the world that are offering cheap eats in honor of the international day as well as recipes for easy homemade hummus.

So, grab some pita bread, chopped vegetables, a smartphone or tablet and get set to join millions of people around the world in celebrating International Hummus Day.

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