April 3, 2017

Baby hedgehogs are extremely cute. They also seem to be viral hits.

Five of these prickly little hoglets are the stars of a new video created by the Ramat Gan Safari’s Wildlife Hospital staff.

The little Israeli hedgehogs were born at the Wildlife Hospital in the third week of March. Their prickly momma was hit by a car in Rishon LeZion, 8 kilometers south of Tel Aviv, and brought to the hospital by a kindhearted person.

Veterinarians at the Wildlife Hospital treat more than 3,000 animals annually. The goal is to treat them and return them to the wild.

צפו: מנה של סוכר על הבוקר.בתחילת השבוע שיתפנו אתכם בסיפורה של הקיפודה ההרה שנפגעה בתאונת דרכים וטופלה על ידי צוות בית חולים לחיות בר – The Israeli Wildlife Hospital של הספארי ורשות הטבע והגנים, והמליטה במהלך הטיפול חמישה גורי קיפודים.כפי שאתם יכולים לראות, גם חמשת הצעירים מטופלים על ידינו במסירות ובאהבה רבה.בינתיים האם הדוקרנית ממשיכה להתאושש, דואגת לגוריה ומניקה אותם, ובקרוב היא תשוב יחד איתם אל הטבע.

Posted by ‎ספארי רמת גן Ramat Gan Safari‎ on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

While the hospital staff got momma ready for an X-ray to see how best to treat her severe head injury, they realized their spiky patient was pregnant with quintuplets.

Keeping her warm and giving her fluids, vitamins and sugars helped her recover in time to give birth to the five bald, pink hoglets.

The Wildlife Hospital staff first posted a photo of their newest patients and then a video soon followed. The two Facebook posts went viral in Israel.

Knowing that these cute babies would struggle if they did not have a first feed from mom, the Wildlife Hospital vets made sure mom and kids had snuggle time. The hoglets successfully suckled milk from their wounded momma and are getting stronger by the day.

The hospital staff hopes to return the whole family to the wild as soon as everyone is healthy enough.

The Ramat Gan Safari’s Wildlife Hospital regularly posts updates on its Facebook page to let the public know about its activities.

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