February 20, 2017, Updated February 19, 2017

Eleven Israeli companies ranked in the Top 50 of Fast Company’s 2017 World’s Most Innovative Companies list for “changing the way we shop, eat, play, work, and live in 2017.”

The 10th edition ranking includes companies that “tap both heartstrings and purse strings and use the engine of commerce to make a difference in the world.”

The Top 50 list is broken down into sub-sectors. Alongside Education, Enterprise and Finance categories, there’s also a sector dedicated specifically to Israeli companies.

The top Israeli companies making a difference in the world, according to Fast Company, are: Unbotify, Waze, Argus Cyber Security, EarlySense, Freightos, WeissBeerger, Itamar Medical, Neomatix, Colu and Syqe Medical.

Unbotify is highlighted for its cybersecurity solution which uses behavioral biometrics analysis to detect bots—and counter cybercrime.

WeissBeerger is listed for its innovative analytic solutions for breweries, pub groups, and pubs to increase profits and improve operations and create the “Bar of the Future.”

Neomatix, a company specializing in electro-optics, computer vision and machine learning technologies, is hyped for its disruptive tire monitoring solution that enables vehicle fleets to prevent roadside breakdowns, reduce cost of ownership, improve driving safety, minimize CO2 emissions and get their tire assets under control.

And Tel Aviv-based blockchain startup Colu is ranked high for innovating the fintech market with digital currencies.

Meanwhile, Zebra Medical Vision is listed as one of the Top 10 AI/Machine Learning companies to watch in 2017 – a sub-section of the Top 50 Most Innovative Companies.

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