The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently gave clearance to two Israeli med-tech solutions: Arineta’s SpotLight cardiovascular-dedicated CT scanner and EyeYon Medical’s Hyper-CL therapeutic contact lens for treating corneal edema.

Arineta, the Caesarea-based startup providing innovative imaging solutions for improved cardiac care, announced  it received FDA 510(k) clearance for commercial distribution of the SpotLight CT scanner in the US.

The SpotLight CT is a high performance, cardiovascular-dedicated CT which provides a complete cardiac imaging solution at a lower cost and higher performance than conventional whole-body CT equipment.

Arineta says its product will become a critical part of the diagnostics and treatment plan for every cardiac patient.

EyeYon lenses.
EyeYon lenses.

EyeYon Medical, meanwhile, announced that the FDA approved its therapeutic contact lens for treating corneal edema.

The company’s disposable lenses relieve pain by extracting fluids by osmosis and smoothing the surface of the cornea, thus improving vision and keeping the surface of the eye covered to protect from infection.

“Today only about five percent of medications for treating the eye actually reaches its target and has any efficacy. Our contact lenses enable it to be administered for a longer period than putting medicine into the eye,” said CEO Nahum Ferera.