Jerusalem is home to some of the most ancient culinary traditions in the world. The Old City is a hive of possibilities.

Visitors looking for the perfect hummus might try Abu-Shukri in the Muslim quarter, whose reputation has wafted out of the city and attracts visitors from far and wide. In the Christian quarter there is Hummus Lina, a 60-year-old family-owned restaurant that is always packed with happy guests.

Jaffar Sweets makes what may be Israel’s best knafeh: the super sweet and brightly colored pastry – a Levantine specialty – made with creamy cheese and a crisp layer of delicate noodles drizzled with sugar syrup, topped with chopped green pistachios.

El Wad HaGai Street 63, Jerusalem

Hummus Lina
42 Al Khanka Street, Jerusalem

Jaffar Sweets
Khan el Zeit Street, Old City, Jerusalem

Lin Arison & Diana C. Stoll are the creators of The Desert and the Cities Sing: Discovering Today’s Israel, a treasure box that highlights Israel’s creative achievement and innovation.


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