May 29, 2014

There are hundreds of sink drain stoppers already on the market. But two Israeli industrial designers have shown that a touch of ingenuity, a splash of color and a creative design are exactly what the world was missing for kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Nitzan Shafat and Aviv Rozenfeld, graduates of the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their silicon strainer known as TWEAK. The Tel Aviv-based duo hoped to raise $14,000 to help keep people from needing to touch soggy food/discarded hair but have happily watched their debut crowdfunding venture treble that target. 

The Consumer Physics team led by Dror Sharon and Damian Goldring are another great example of crowdfunding gone right. They’ve raised over $2 million for SCiO, the world’s first affordable molecular sensor (they are still accepting donations).

The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology alumni have designed a tiny consumer-friendly spectrometer that lets you get instant relevant information about the chemical makeup of just about anything around you including food, plants and medications.

Israeli Inventor Ran Merkazy teamed up with British businessman Freddie Camrass to produce the RMDLO colander, a breakthrough in kitchenware design. Say goodbye to that much needed utensil that doesn’t fit in the kitchen drawer.

Merkazy, who now lives in London, spent five years perfecting the folding design of this amazing product that can be used as a strainer, a steamer, and a bowl for squeezing and pouring food. It’s also great for the outdoors – think picnics, festivals or camping. “It has been fine-tuned to one-tenth of a millimeter. We are proud of the results from our labor. This is a truly unique kitchen aid but, at the same time, very useful and practical,” said Merkazy, who developed the unique Fold-a-Bowl design.

RMDLO Colander, a breakthrough in kitchenware design.
RMDLO Colander, a breakthrough in kitchenware design.

They need $75,000 for engineering, tooling, manufacturing and other production logistics and are hoping their crowdfunding campaign (now in its final days) will prove successful. An update on the campaign site says a member of the Royal family recently pledged!

Surfing buddies Omer Farkash, 21, and Adiel Shlinger, 26, caught the innovation wave while hot-dogging in Australia back in 2010. They patented their idea for a surfboard fin that adapts to the currents and went to work on changing the way people surf for the better.

The duo recently took part in Israel television’s latest reality series, Hameyzam (The Inventor), and won first prize — a $29,000 donation to their crowdfunding campaign for AXIS Fins. They’re still a bit short of reaching their $34,000 goal.

The vegan trend is huge in Israel and Gil Merhav, an author who eats no animal products, had a flash of inspiration that the world needs a children’s book about this lifestyle.

So, he wrote a story (in Hebrew) about two children named Gato and Pato who set out on an adventure. They meet a fisherman, a cook and a cast of families. They also learn the lessons of compassion. Now he’s trying a crowdfunding campaign to publish the book. 

Finally, you might not know it, but Tel Aviv-based inventor Dave Lowenstein thinks you definitely need it: A scented toilet lamp that will light the room while absorbing unpleasant odors and spreading flowery scents. A plethora of toilet deodorizers is already on the market, but this patent-pending filter is a three-in-one deal that could help keep the clutter down in the loo. Will he raise enough funds to develop it? 

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