How’s this for a culinary melting pot? Anita, an Israeli family-owned boutique gelato chain, will open its first New York City branch in April on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

That’s right: An Israeli purveyor of an Italian-style frozen treat is hitting the Big Apple.

Anita’s 1,076-square-foot Second Avenue branch will offer 150 flavors ranging from dairy to seasonal fruit-based sorbet to sugar-free and vegan varieties, all served from huge glass vitrines reminiscent of a jewelry store.

Alongside the ice cream will be a fresh frozen yogurt stand with toppings such as fresh fruit, unique sauces, cookies, nuts, chocolate, chocolate truffles and fruit confitures.

The handmade brand was founded in 2002 by Anita Avital and her two sons, Nir and Adi. They started with a small parlor and now run a four-location chain in Tel Aviv plus three additional stores in Australia.

An Anita’s branch in Tel Aviv. Photo: courtesy

Among the favorite flavors Anita is bringing from Tel Aviv are Cookieman (meringue chips and chocolate), chocolate almond, salted caramel, Loacker hazelnut wafers, chocolate pretzel, mascarpone with white chocolate and strawberry jam, coconut sorbet, dark chocolate sorbet and Campari with grapefruit.

On top of that, Anita is planning some unique flavors specially formulated for the New York palate.