Agritech in Tel Aviv.
Agritech in Tel Aviv.

Agritech 2015, one of the world’s premier exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies, gets underway tomorrow in Israel. The 19th annual Agritech International Agricultural Exhibition & Conference will focus on post-harvest systems.

Hundreds of Israeli developments in agro-technology will be presented, encompassing a variety of fields such as green houses, irrigation, water management, dairy farming, aquaculture, genetic makeup of plants, solar-powered irrigation system, and smart indoor farming.

This year’s event includes 196 Israeli exhibitors and 57 foreign exhibitors.

Some 8,000 international visitors are expected to attend the April 28-30 event.

“The State of Israel is one of the world’s leading pioneers in today’s agro-technology industry. Necessity – the lack of natural resources, shortage of water, and the scarcity of arable land led to the development of successful methods, technologies and products in a multitude of agricultural fields. A significant part of Israel’s academic research is focused on agro-technology, creating the infrastructure for many start-ups in this field,” reads a press statement about the event.