Yulia Karra
September 18, 2023

At least 30 companies will represent Israel at the United Nations’ 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) in the United Arab Emirates in November. 

The conference, considered the premier global event addressing climate change, is expected to host more than 100 heads of state and 100,000 participants. 

The companies that will represent Israel were chosen by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, the Israel Innovation Authority and the Export Institute.

These 30 companies represent all aspects climate tech, including clean energy, water, agriculture, sustainable manufacturing, green construction, food technology, transportation, circular economy, waste management, environmental protection and carbon capture. 

CEO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ronen Levy called the conference “the most important and significant global event to discuss ways to combat the climate crisis.”

He added that Israel’s delegation “will bring innovative solutions and breakthroughs to the international stage and will hold a series of high-level meetings to assist countries dealing with climate challenges such as wildfires, floods, water scarcity and heatwaves.”

30 companies to represent Israel at COP28 in UAE
Israel Innovation Authority CEO Dror Bin. Photo by Hanna Tayeb

CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority Dror Bin said: “We believe that by showcasing Israeli climate-tech innovations on the international stage, we can provide exposure for these pioneering companies and foster collaborations, inspire others, and leverage Israel’s leadership potential in the global climate arena. In recent years, climate tech has become one of the hottest sectors in Israeli high-tech, attracting a wave of entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations aiming to contribute to the fight against climate change.“

Director-General of the Export Institute Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin added that Israel “has been dealing with environmental challenges for a long time, and Israeli innovation began with local problems that were unique to Israel and later became global issues. “

The firms are divided into three sections – startups, established companies and tech incubators. Here is the list of participating firms:


1. Gigablue has developed a unique natural material that when dispersed in the ocean enhances natural micro-algae processes. As they grow, these micro-algae absorb bicarbonate carbon and, as they sink to the ocean floor, sequester carbon in the deep sea. 

2. Criaterra has developed unique precast construction materials made from restructured, locally sourced natural or recycled materials. The company’s goal is to reducee the 4 gigatons of emissions produced by concrete as a construction material. 

3. Meat.The End develops novel ingredients and technological solutions that enhance the texture properties of alternative protein products. 

4. ImaginDairy uses precise fermentation to produce milk proteins identical in taste, smell, texture, functionality, and nutritional value to those in cow’s milk. 

5. Greeneye uses AI and image processing to identify for farmers in real time where pesticide spraying is needed and where it is not. 

6. AgroScout enables precise data collection on plant leaves with millimeter-level resolution worldwide, using artificial intelligence. 

7. Copprint makes high-conductivity nano copper inks enabling very-low cost, high conductivity, environmentally friendly printed electronics. 

8. Daika transforms wood waste into an all-natural material that can be processed like plastic, utilizing huge waste streams to create competitive high-end wood products. 

9. Anina Culinary Art turns “ugly” vegetables rejected by the market into ready-to-heat, shelf-stable capsule meals.

10. NT-Tao is developing clean and efficient energy production through nuclear fusion.

11. Xfloat is developing solar systems that float on water with a solar panel tracking system that can generate up to 20 percent more energy per panel. 

30 companies to represent Israel at COP28 in UAE
Xfloat’s maritime solar farm. Photo courtesy of Xfloat

12. BeeHero has built the world’s largest bee database and a unique monitoring platform that provides transparency to processes inside hives. 

13. BioBetter uses the entire tobacco plant as an environmentally friendly, low-cost vector for producing protein growth factors required for the widescale production of cultured meat. 

14. SolCold makes a film/sticker that provides cooling below ambient temperature, similar to an air conditioner but without electricity or CO2 emissions. 

15. CarbonBlue has a proprietary process utilizing abundant calcium from the ocean to mineralize, separate, and remove dissolved CO2 from seawater. The calcium is then returned to the ocean to maintain the water’s natural chemical composition. 

16. Soli manufactures an innovative polymer that wraps around crops to repel insects without damaging the crops or the soil. 

17. Capsule-Minimal is developing a multilayered capsule that the consumer puts into a reusable bottle and adds water to create shampoo, body soap, hand soap, conditioner, floor cleaner, dishwashing soap, mouthwash or other product instead of buying a bottle filled with the product, saving up to 20 percent of the volume of the ordinary product.

18. Sphere is developing a cooling system that removes heat via evaporation of water, reducing energy consumption by 40%.

Established companies: 

1. Envomed performs onsite medical waste treatment using a machine that performs two processes: grinding the waste into small particles and chemically sterilizing it.

2. SaliCrop treats seeds to make them, and the plants that grow from them, durable to extreme climate conditions such as heat, dryness and salinity. 

3. BlueGreen Water Technologies treats toxic blue-green algal blooms in lakes and reservoirs using nano-covered pellets that release far less harmful toxins into the water in a more effective manner. 

4. Asterra helps organizations identify and locate critical infrastructure vulnerabilities using remote sensing combined with artificial intelligence. 

5. Clariter has developed a unique technology for the chemical recycling of mixed plastic waste, turning it into new high-quality end products. 

6. HomeBiogas turns organic household waste into clean energy for cooking or heating, or into rich liquid organic fertilizer. 

7. GenCell alkaline fuel cells use hydrogen and ammonia to produce continuous, zero-emissions, economical electricity as weather-resistant backup power for utilities, telecom, EV charging and other applications in 22 countries. 

8. UBQ Materials, which just raised $70 million and is soon opening an industrial-scale production facility in The Netherlands, creates a sustainable thermoplastic raw material from residual waste. Among UBQ’s customers are Mercedes Benz, PepsiCo and Latin American McDonald’s franchisee Arcos Dorados.

9. LiVA Biotec makes probiotic stickers that promote selective and spontaneous growth of beneficial bacteria while preventing food spoilage from plant diseases, rot and pathogens. 

10. TaKaDu Central Event Management system improves the way water utilities operate by significantly reducing non-revenue water, shortening fault repair times, enhancing customer service, and increasing operational efficiency. 

Technological Incubators: 

1. i4Valley invests in sustainable manufacturing technologies that will develop the next generation of products with less energy, fewer materials, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and less environmental pollution. 

2. NetZero Technology Ventures invests in very early stage and high-risk climate-tech ventures through an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors and global partners.

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