Israelis are world’s top smartphone users

Study shows that Israelis ‘search, use social networks and watch videos more than all other larger leading nations.’

Using a mobile phone mid-conversation can be deemed rude in many parts of the world. In Israel, however, it has strangely become part of the norm. A new study by Google and Ipsos MediaCT shows – unsurprisingly – that Israelis are more devoted to their smartphones than any other population.

Israelis lead the way in smartphone usage at home (87 percent), at work (77%), on the way to work or during a walk (72%). Israelis make more use of searches (93%), applications (86%), maps (84%) and updates from social networks (82%).

In the company of others, 50% of respondents said they have no problem texting, searching or talking on their smartphones.

Television manufacturers boast of big screens but for 77% of Israelis surveyed, the phone screen is the perfect size for watching video clips from video-sharing social network sites. What’s more, 48% said they watch full episodes of TV shows online using their phones.

The global survey was taken in the first quarter of 2013 and polled 1,000 smartphone users between the ages of 18 and 64 on their mobile phone usage habits.

“The study justifies Israel’s title as the startup nation,” Google Israel CEO Meir Brand said. “[Israelis] search, use social networks and watch videos more than all other larger leading nations.”

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