Graffiti in the Knesset

Street artists spray painted the Israeli parliament`s plaza to show ‘support for the artistic and cultural freedoms of Israel.’

Graffiti at the Knesset.

Graffiti at the Knesset.

A group of American street artists were in Israel recently to show ‘support for the artistic and cultural freedoms of Israel and the nation`s right to exist in peace and security’ by spray painting the Israeli parliament.


Artists 4 Israel brought a select group of the world’s greatest female graffiti artists to Israel to learn about the country and leave a colorful tribute behind.

The visiting artists included CBS Reds (from Miami), Merlot, Hops, 179 (all from Seattle), Elle (California) and Danielle Mastrion from Brooklyn.

”This is a wonderful initiative, and its strength is in its simplicity,” Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein said. ”Welcome and thank you for visiting the Knesset, for the beautiful creation and for your love of Israel.”

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