American rap artist and R&B singer discover Israel

Clap Cognac and Monique Baines accepted the invitation of an Israeli hip-hop producer to come make a record in Tel Aviv.

“Israel is a small place, but with Internet and digital technology it’s global, so I can reach anybody and I do believe that Israel’s hip-hop community is huge,” New York-based R&B singer Monique Baines tells ISRAEL21c on a recent visit to Tel Aviv with rap artist Clap Cognac. “I was very impressed with the community here.”

ISRAEL21c reported on the project – a cross continent effort mixing Israeli influences with American rap and rhythm and blues – in July.

When the musicians arrived in August and began work with Israeli hip-hop producer Meli One, we took a videographer along and went to meet them.

“Music is a beautiful thing because it can bring anybody together,” says Clap Cognac.

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