When the members of Israel’s rescue team returned home from Haiti, they brought along six-year-old Woodley Elisse. The young earthquake survivor was in need of complex heart surgery if he was to survive into adulthood.

It was the Israeli non-profit Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) that had asked the rescue team to find Woodley and bring him to Israel so that SACH doctors could provide the life-saving surgery. While Woodley’s prognosis was excellent, following his operation complications ensued, but the tough little boy fought for his life and recovered completely. He is scheduled to fly home on Sunday.

Woodley’s arrival in Israel coincided with the launch of SACH’s first international campaign. Generous donations received during the campaign enabled SACH to save the lives of six other children as well.

Information about SACH’s efforts to help children in need of cardiac care is available at www.give2sach.com.