Abigail Klein Leichman
May 17, 2022

Revolutionary WiseEye technology from Emza Visual Sense of Giv’atayim is providing innovative “tiny AI” based visual sensing technology in a range of new Latitude, Inspiron and Precision laptops from Dell.

“Tiny AI” is a new field in machine learning that minimizes the use of large quantities of data and computational power.

The always-on, ultra-low-power WiseEye NB system ramps up the human detection features in the new laptops. Its unique machine learning and neural network-based algorithms enhance the integrated privacy features of Dell’s Optimizer AI software.

WiseEye NB visually detects user engagement levels based on presence, movements and facial direction, which contributes to better display power management and battery life.

Emza’s WiseEye includes an onlooker detection feature. Photo: screenshot

Key features enabled by WiseEye NB include:

• Look away detect: To conserve display power and protect data, always-aware AI algorithms adaptively dim the screen when the user is not engaged, then return it to its original intensity when the user’s face re-orients to the display.

• Onlooker detection: For enhanced user privacy and security, the system will recognize if a second person is looking at the screen within the field of view, and automatically blur the screen to conceal sensitive information while sending a privacy alert to the user.

• Reliable presence detection: For increased security and power savings, vision-based user presence algorithms enable enhanced wake-on-approach and express sign-in capability as well as screen lock/unlock.

• User configurability: Through integration with Dell Optimizer, users can personalize their experience, setting detection alerts for specific scenarios.

“We designed the unique AI and neural processing algorithms in WiseEye to be deployed on tiny edge devices in the most affordable way, enabling the addition of vital intelligence to a broad array of connected products,” said Emza CEO Yoram Zylberberg.

Emza is wholly owned by Taiwanese semiconductor company Himax Technologies.

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