What are the 10 hottest startups in Tel Aviv? A list appears in WIRED magazine’s September/October 2018 issue, and ISRAEL21c has written about all of them.

“Tel Aviv is a deep-tech powerhouse. A combination of strong technical education (backed by local entrepreneurs’ experience in the Israeli Defense Forces), high levels of venture capital and a support network of serial entrepreneurs has established the city’s reputation for building innovative companies. Its strengths in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and computer vision have put Israeli startups high on the shopping lists of Silicon Valley’s tech giants in recent years,” the article by Oliver Franklin Wallis begins.

The list includes:

1. Missbeez, an app that connects consumers with self-employed beauty services professionals in their geographic area. Founded in Israel in 2015, Missbeez has expanded to the UK and Madrid, and plans to open a Barcelona office soon. ISRAEL21c wrote about Missbeez here.

2. Healthy.io, which turns a smartphone into a medical urinalysis device via the Dip.io app, computer vision and an at-home kit. The product is approved in the EU; US FDA approval is pending. ISRAEL21c mentioned this startup in an article earlier this year about a new Innovation Lab for Healthy Aging at Ben-Gurion University.

3. CommonSense Robotics, which is developing micro-fulfillment centers staffed by autonomous sorting robots that grab a customer’s order and send it on to human workers for packing and delivery. We included this startup in our 2017 list of 17 Israeli companies pioneering artificial intelligence.

4. LawGeex, an AI startup that reviews legal documents within seconds and flags potential problems with 94 percent accuracy. Clients include Deloitte and Sears. We wrote about LawGeex here and here.

5. Bancor, a startup that developed an open protocol for the creation of Smart Tokens. Its first product is a crypto wallet that offers in-wallet conversion among more than 75 cryptocurrencies. Watch for a mention of Bancor in ISRAEL21c’s upcoming story about the blockchain technology ecosystem growing in Israel.

6. Otonomo, which we chose last year as one of the 10 hottest autonomous driving technologies from Israel. Otonomo is a marketplace for connected-car data and counts nine automakers as clients so far.

7. Zeek, which enables people to buy and sell unused gift cards for major brands at a discount, and buy store credit cheaply. We introduced our readers to this innovative app four years ago.

8. Lightricks, maker of automated airbrushing app Facetune, the most popular paid Apple app in 2017, and a full suite of additional photo-editing tools. Back in 2013, Lightricks made our list of top 12 Israeli photo and video apps.

9. Lemonade, the automated insurance phenomenon that took New York by storm and is spreading across the United States. Read more about Lemonade’s success story in ISRAEL21c’s article from July 2017.

10. Vayyar Imaging, offering a sensor-based technology to build a 3D picture of just about any interior space or material, with unlimited applications from smart homes to self-driving cars to milking cows. Click here to read our article about Vayyar from last September.