July 11, 2004, Updated September 13, 2012

Could Israeli scientists truly have discovered a sexual stimulant for women that works as well as Viagra does for men?

Wal-Mart thinks that they have. The huge American chain recently placed an order for 50,000 units of SheAgra, the a natural herbal sexual stimulant for women unveiled recently in Israel.
Israeli businessmen Roni Hahn and Yoni Echtenberg own the company that makes and markets SheAgra. Hahn, who is a member of the board at the Jericho casino, told the financial daily “Globes” that until now, sales of SheAgra in Israel have only been conducted through the company’s website.
Hahn said that the company was informed by a Wal-Mart vice-president that this was a trial order. Wal-Mart’s management will decide on further orders for the coming year based on sales in 28 Florida-area Wal-Mart stores.
Hahn said that receiving a significant export order from a leading global retailer was an encouraging sign for the product’s future, only five weeks after having launched sales in Israel.
SheAgra was developed after 10 years of research by a team headed by Dr. Avner Shemer, senior dermatologist at the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer,
Dr. Shemer is a member of American Academy of Dermatology and a member of the European Academy of Dermatology.

Production is carried out at the Solgar (Israel) plant in Netanya. SheAgra was granted Kosher certification at the end of last week.

Sheagra “elevates natural sexual desire, and that’s why it works differently for each woman,” said Shemer. “There are some women who have never before reached an orgasm, and who will now succeed with the help of this capsule. Some will experience strong and extended sexual ecstasy, and on others there will be no effect at all,” he said.

The pill works on the physical blood circulation to the woman clitoris, and efficacy
studies performed by Shemer and his team have shown that women have reported an increase in their sexual sensations within an hour from taking the pill. The only side effects for the Sheagra pill, according to the company are little blushing at the cheeks

Shemer, who worked on the development of Sheagra for ten years, said he was not looking for solutions to the loss of desire, but wanted to compound a nutritional additive. However, in the course of his research, Shemer discovered the secret ingredient that arouses women, the paper reported.

The list of ingredients in Sheagra includes magnolia flowers, nut seeds, persimmon, lychee, oregano, turmeric, saffron and fenugreek, to which the Yemenites attribute virility powers.

“Beyond that I prefer to be discrete, and certainly not to give the amounts,” Shemer said.

Sheagra’s Haifa-based manufacturer recommends that women swallow the capsule with a little bit of red wine on an empty stomach. About half an hour later, it is advisable to proceed to the bedroom.

Marketer Roni Hen told the Hebrew newspaper Ma?ariv that the new supplement will “tcause a great many women, from Mongolia to Arkansas, to walk around with a smile on their faces.”

Two months ago, herbal treatment Avlimil was launched in the United States promoting itself as giving women what Viagra offers men. But the manufacturer’s claims of effectiveness are stirring debate on whether any one drug can be the answer for all women.

Since the 1998 launch of Viagra as a treatment for male sexual dysfunction, at least 10 pharmaceutical companies have undertaken development of a similar drug for women, according to market research firm Decision Resources.

According to Dr. Adelaide Nardone, a gynecologist and obstetrician who is also a consultant to a line of women’s health products, drugs may help women whose sexual difficulties are tied to physical conditions. But since the conditions are diverse, it is unlikely one drug will help all women, she told the Associated Press

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