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October 11, 2023, Updated April 17

Since the war with Hamas erupted so unexpectedly and savagely early on Saturday morning, killing over 1,200 Israelis, wounding another 3,000, and with 150 taken hostage, we have been flooded here at ISRAEL21c by a stream of thoughts, prayers and good wishes from our readers.

I can’t tell you how heartening this has been.

In a crisis, it’s easy to feel very alone and your good wishes have been a constant reminder that people all over the world recognize the tragedy of what has happened here, and wish Israel well.

Many of you also requested information about where to send donations and how to help. 

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of organizations we know that are helping people across Israel, and who need support to carry on their good work.

We will also be bringing you more in-depth stories about some of the incredible humanitarian work going on in Israel. 

Please feel free to send this list to everyone you know, and also let us know about any organizations or help groups that we should add. We will continue to update the list.

Thank you so much for support and your caring. Together we are stronger, and will get through this.


Israeli Hospitals

Israeli Hospitals are providing services for injured civilians, soldiers and other personnel, who have been hurt due to rockets or in contact with terrorists. You may donate directly to the southern Barzilai Hospital, where patients are currently treated under fire, Jerusalem based Hadassah hospital where many soldiers are admitted among others, and the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba, where many hundreds of injured patients are treated these days, which is recruiting funds for urgent basic medical equipment, required for essential patient care.

National Emergency Fund

This new fund was established by JGive and many of its partners to provide assistance to the victims of the recent attacks in Israel, and in the war that has followed. 

All the donations collected will be distributed to charities that offer relief services, welfare, equipment, food and other necessities to the victims of the war and their families. 

The funds will be distributed through a public committee headed by Gen. Eliezer Shkedi and Natan Sharansky.

IACC (Israeli Association of Community Centers)

The IACC and Magen David Adom (Israel Emergency Medical Services), have jointly established an Aid Coordination Center. The Center assesses the situation and caters for the needs received from more than 70 community centers in the regions of Israel under attack. The community centers serve as frontline emergency hubs, providing for the essential humanitarian needs of their communities with currently more than 200,000 people, in the war zones. These needs include food supplies, toiletry, baby provisions, first aid kits.

For donations from the US via the American Friends of the Association for the Advancement of Community Centers in Israel (AFIACC), click here. For donations from Europe and Israel via JGive, click here.

Volunteer Emergency Services

Magen David Adom

Magen David Adom first responders have been providing medical assistance to victims of the Hamas attack from the start of the crisis. 

They have provided treatment to hundreds of injured citizens and soldiers in the south, and have made dozens of medical evacuations by ambulance and helicopter.  

MDA staff have also collected thousands of blood donations from people across Israel, keeping overwhelmed hospitals supplied. 

A senior MDA EMT was killed by Hamas terrorists on Saturday, the first day of the war, as he drove an ambulance to Ofakim to help save lives.

Another four MDA volunteers have been injured by gunfire, and some are missing.

American Friends of Magen David Adom

This US organization supports the activity of Magen David Adom, supplying its 33,000 paramedics, EMTS, first responders, and first-aid providers, volunteers and staff, with training, equipment, and medical supplies.

United Hatzalah 

Some 1,500 United Hatzalah volunteer doctors, paramedics, and EMTs have been providing medical assistance to the thousands of wounded in the south and center of Israel, often under fire and at risk to themselves.

On Sunday, a volunteer EMT was killed while helping residents of the Gaza periphery. 

Aside from medical assistance, volunteers have also transported hundreds of people to hospital using dozens of ambulances and helicopters from the medevac unit. 

The organization’s logistical unit is moving large amounts of medical equipment to the southern region and has asked for help in collecting additional equipment such as CPR bags, oxygen cylinders, consumable medical equipment such as bandages and gauze pads, portable chargers, hygiene products, closed water bottles, dry food products that do not require cooking, disposable utensils and more.

NATAN Worldwide Disaster Relief

NATAN, which usually works abroad, has established a medical clinic with CLALIT Health Service, where physician volunteers care for patients 16 hours a day. 
In addition, NATAN teams are mentoring youth movement counselors working with children and teenagers displaced from their homes; recruiting social workers for home visits; and providing trauma support to police officers who have witnessed unspeakable violence and atrocities. To donate, click here.


ZAKA paramedics, famously known in Israel as the ones who come into the most horrific sites and violent events to deal with their aftermath, are on-call every hour of every day and deployed around the country, in their mission to offer the deceased with “True Virtue” (Chesed Shel Emes), to honor the dead and ensure a full Jewish burial. Zaka volunteers are in urgent need of safety equipment, medical supplies, first aid kits, and more.

One Heart – Lev Echad

One Heart is a national response network that operates in times of crisis,  founded by alumni of the Ein Prat Leadership Academy, at the time of Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza Strip in 2005. Since its founding, the One Heart network has activated over 100,000 volunteers across Israel and in other countries (in distress situations). The NGO has deployed 30,000 volunteers but is gathering funds in order to reach 100,000 volunteers to deal with the magnitude of the current crisis – donate here.

Rescuers Without Borders-SSF

RWB-SSF has deployed teams of volunteer medics to treat wounded victims, and are in urgent need of medical equipment
and protective vests.

Save a Child’s Heart

Save a Child’s Heart’s Israeli medical teams are operating at Wolfson Medical Center and Sylvan Adams Children’s Hospital, treating victims of the
attacks. The organization urgently need more medical supplies and equipment.

Trauma Support 

Israel Trauma Coalition

The Israel Trauma Coalition for Response and Preparedness (ITC) was founded in 2002, in the wake of 9/11, as an initiative of the UJA-Federation of New York. Today, ITC is a cornerstone of Israel’s national trauma care, providing leadership, direction, and resources before, during and after crisis.

ITC runs 12 resilience centers, eight in the Gaza border area, which are now flooded with people seeking help. Together with its member organizations, ITC provides training for mental-health professionals and clinical services for new immigrants, the elderly, children, disabled, veterans, Israeli Arabs and others in crisis throughout Israel.

Donations to the Israel Trauma Coalition by credit card here.


IsraAID usually sends humanitarian assistance abroad in the wake of disasters, but now the organization has turned its attention to home. 

The organization is establishing child-friendly spaces in hotels hosting families evacuated from their homes in the Gaza border region. It will also train grassroots volunteers in psychological first aid, self-care, and burnout prevention, using their humanitarian expertise to support those who are helping the community.

IsraAID staff pack stress-relief kits for children from Israel’s Gaza periphery communities. Photo by IsraAID
IsraAID staff pack stress-relief kits for children from Israel’s Gaza periphery communities. Photo by IsraAID

Emotional First-Aid by Telephone & Internet (ERAN)

Eran helps Israelis navigate various crises by phone or online chat, free of charge, anonymously and confidentially. 

The NGO’s 1,600 volunteers have been providing mental health support to survivors of the attack on southern Israel on October 7, their relatives and the general population who feel immense anxiety due to the tragic events. 

The service is available in Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian, Amharic, French and Spanish.

Dream Doctors

Medical clown Yolana Zimmerman cheering a child evacuated from the south during the war. Photo courtesy of Dream Doctors
Medical clown Yolana Zimmerman cheering a child evacuated from the south during the war. Photo courtesy of Dream Doctors

Dream Doctors, the Israeli organization of medical clowns working on the staff of hospitals and in humanitarian crises around the world, is extending its therapeutic clown services to hotels and other places where war refugees are sheltering. 

“We’re committed to creating pockets of peace and comfort in this distressing situation,” says CEO Tsour Shriqui, himself a resident of the Gaza envelope. 

Bayit Cham

Bayit Cham was established in order to provide the best support for Israeli facing mental health challenges, and is directing its efforts at this time to establish a fund to provide therapy for 1,000 children from the south region near Gaza, affected severely by the recent acts of terror.

World ORT

World ORT is focused on providing urgent educational and psychological support for its students across Israel, as well as their teachers
and families. This includes processing the trauma they are experiencing and building resistance to the horrors of terrorism and war.

Helping our Soldiers

Yashar LaChayal

Founded in 2006, Yashar LaChayal – which means “straight to the soldier” — is dedicated to helping Israeli soldiers and making their service more comfortable while they protect Israel.  

It has a range of projects to support soldiers from impoverished families, those injured in the line of duty, and bereaved family members.

The Giving Back Fund (Israel Reserve Fund)

The Israel Reserve Fund supports soldiers in this emergent war with Hamas and possible other entities. As flights to Israel have been extremely expensive and difficult to secure, many soldiers are paying out of their own pockets but cannot afford to do so. This organization is currently raising money to assist any soldier who needs help by paying for their plane ticket home – donate here.

Bayit Brigade

Bayit Brigade is raising funds to assist Israeli soldiers, with transportation expenses to get to/from bases quickly covered, groceries and basic home necessities so soldiers can rest during time off of base, offering also rent relief for any veteran soldier who will be unable to work and may fall behind on bills, as well as supplies, hygiene products, and clothing for active soldiers in the field, and covering medical bills for soldiers that require long term care – donate here.

Belev Echad

Belev Echad is an international initiative dedicated to supporting and empowering Israeli veterans, and is currently raising funds for protective gear meant for soldiers in the field – donate here.

Friends of the IDF

Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) is a non-political, non-military organization that provides for wellbeing of the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), veterans and family members. Established in 1981 by a group of Holocaust survivors, FIDF is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation that operates 26 regional offices in the United States with headquarters in New York City. The organization is currently raiding funds meant for temporary field hospitals, intensive care ambulances, hygiene and plasma kits, as well as other IDF needs – donate here.

Innovation: Africa

Innovation: Africa has shifted its focus to providing solar stations to units on both the Gaza and Northern borders. The demand for solar energy to charge phones and provide electricity among Israeli soldiers is extensive and this will allow them to inform their loved ones that they are safe and sound. Each station costs $850, and 100% of any donation will go directly to Israeli soldiers.

Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel

The Emergency Fund of the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel is facilitating donations of high-level equipment and other critical items for combat medical units, providing essential items for IDF troops, and in addition, delivering books, toys, puzzles and board games for families evacuated from southern communities approved by the Ministry of Social Services.

Helping people at home

KKL-JNF (Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund)

KKL-JNF is providing the Gaza envelope communities with emergency assistance of 9 million shekels, including immediate support for security needs and the rehabilitation of the security and infrastructure of the communities – donate here.

Community support campaigns

Several funding campaigns have been raising funds for local communities affected greatly by the war: Shinua Chevrati (Social Mobilization), in partnership with BIG, is delivering groceries to Israelis relocated from their homes due to the situation, along with other campaigns aimed at aiding citizens with essentials including B’nai B’rith International and The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

On the online front, The Fighting Online Antisemitism Organization (FOA) is raising funds to train online activists in combating antisemitism online – donate here.


Latet (To Give) was established in order to reduce poverty, for a better and just society, by providing assistance to needy populations, mobilizing Israeli civil society towards mutual responsibility, and leading change in national priorities.
Upon learning of the disaster, Latet began to act in “emergency mode” and is now aiding citizens as well as the security forces on the front line with emergency aid kits, containing food and hygiene products.

Hashomer Hachadash

This recruitment organization dedicated to safeguarding farming lands and aiding Israeli farmers opened a “Situation Room” to assist farmers and communities under attack. The organization is reaching out to donors worldwide to assist in the mobilization of trucks with fire extinguishing equipment, 500 emergency jeep volunteers and other emergency equipment (road and body cameras, thermal drones, rescue kits, tear gas, etc).

Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel

SPNI has opened its southern field schools, free of charge, to any family fleeing the Gaza violence, and families are already arriving.

It costs $300 a night to host a family, including three meals, beds for the family, and a program of children’s activities led by trained counselors. SPNI can provide shelter for up to 300 evacuees in the Mitzpeh Ramon Field School, 100 kilometers from Gaza.


Adopt-A-Safta is a nonprofit initiative that pairs young adult volunteers with lonely, isolated seniors, having a special focus on forging warm ongoing connections with Holocaust survivors. During the war, many seniors cannot run to shelter when there’s a siren and cannot go out to buy necessities.  The organization has mobilized hundreds of volunteers and donors to fulfill requests from cities, eldercare homes, and people living abroad with elderly parents in Israel. 


Shalva, a nonprofit that supports and empowers individuals with disabilities and their families, has opened a National Crisis Response Center in its Jerusalem headquarters for up to 1,000 residents fleeing the war in the south.  They will receive physical and emotional care, clothing, medications and supplies. 

Jewish Federations of North America

The Jewish federations system represents 146 independent federations and a network of 300 smaller communities across the continent with the goal of enhancing the well-being of Jews worldwide through meaningful contributions. Now the organization is directing and collecting funds for the purpose of supporting Israeli victims of the conflict.

Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel

SPNI has opened its southern field schools, free of charge, to any family fleeing the Gaza violence, and families are already arriving.

It costs $300 a night to host a family, including three meals, beds for the family, and a program of children’s activities led by trained counselors. SPNI can provide shelter for up to 300 evacuees in the Mitzpeh Ramon Field School, 100 kilometers from Gaza.


OneFamily is an Israeli nonprofit supporting the mental and physical rehabilitation of victims of terror attacks – whether soldiers or civilians. They also work with bereaved families.

OneFamily provides financial and legal assistance, psychological services, therapeutic retreats, healing camps for the young, support groups and workshops as well as personalized holistic therapy programs.

Yad Sarah

Yad Sarah, a volunteer-run nationwide network of health-related services, is mobilizing emergency aid during the war: transporting equipment, evacuating residents from combat zones, escorting wounded people to funerals of loved ones, helping search and rescue teams locate missing persons via the organization’s distress call buttons for the elderly, and more.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

The JDC has activated its emergency team and protocols, to support those now in the line of fire — including the elderly, people with disabilities, children and families at risk. JDC is working closely with its partners in the Israeli government, local municipalities, and fellow NGOs to address increased need among those hardest hit by this crisis.

Early Starters International

Early Starters International has opened up free safe spaces for evacuated children in three areas around the country – Ma’aleh Hahamisha, the Dead Sea, and Eilat. Aside from donations, they are seeking preschool educators to volunteer.


HIAS is launching emergency operations, both directly and through partners, to serve populations affected by the recent violence. HIAS will follow its well-established emergency response protocol to meet the needs of displaced and other crisis-affected people with interventions such as: supporting displaced families with basic needs, including non-food items such as hygiene supplies and blankets, cash and vouchers to those displaced, and mental health and psychosocial support.

The Jewish Agency for Israel

The Jewish Agency for Israel is providing immediate assistance to those whose homes were directly hit by missiles, and supporting those
injured and evacuated to hospitals as well as families of the deceased.

Israeli Friends

In an initiative of non-profit Israeli Friends, a privately-chartered cargo plane with over 150 reservists, doctors, volunteers and 17 tons of humanitarian aid, medical equipment and protective equipment has just arrived from LAX into Ben Gurion airport. After clearing customs, the group will deliver this aid around the country.


Selah helps new immigrants affected by the war, traveling all over Israel to comfort families who lost their loved ones in the south, visiting wounded people and their families at hospitals, purchasing food, medical equipment and basic necessities for families evacuated from their homes, and assisting children, parents and elders coping with physical and emotional wounds.

SHEKEL – Inclusion for People with Disabilities

SHEKEL promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities and is also at the forefront of aid for those of them who have been evacuated from their homes. As Israel’s largest and most veteran organization promoting inclusion for thousands of people with disabilities, SHEKEL aids this community in every aspect: independent housing (over 150 apartments within the community), employment, leisure activities, therapeutic counseling and accessibility. The organization has been assisting evacuees and manning a nationwide professional counseling hotline for people with disabilities, as well as their families and caregivers.

Israel Rises

Israel Rises, a national collaboration platform for social and economic resilience and effective support for on-the-ground needs during this period of war and recovery, matches donors, foundations and businesses with specific short-term and mid-long-term needs. The giving opportunities are updated daily in coordination with Israel’s Home Front Command.

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