August 3, 2023

Israel is no stranger to political conflict. Ironically, that is why ISRAEL21c exists — to highlight everyday life in Israel, beyond the headlines that typically dominate the news.

Our readers across the world tell us that we’re a bright spot in the media landscape, educating them about the diversity, ingenuity, and thirst for life that makes Israelis so unique. The stories we cover reflect the beauty of the people here in Israel.

While it is our mission to focus beyond politics, sometimes we have to acknowledge that realities on the ground have broader implications on life in Israel. 

Throughout this publication’s history, there have been examples of this during military conflict… events that impacted the people of Israel in extreme ways that we simply could not ignore. Today, we see this in a new form.

Over the past few months, we have witnessed Israelis on different sides of a political argument take to the streets for their beliefs, a parallel representation of democracy in action and internal strife among Israelis. These events have led to a rise of Israel’s presence in global headlines yet again, without much context for the average news consumer. 

ISRAEL21c has served as a unifying news platform for more than two decades. In these difficult times, we remain committed to telling the story of Israel beyond politics because it serves as an important reminder of why we all care so much and, most importantly, what unites us.

Fighting for Israel's truth

We cover what makes life in Israel so special — it's people. A non-profit organization, ISRAEL21c's team of journalists are committed to telling stories that humanize Israelis and show their positive impact on our world. You can bring these stories to life by making a donation of $6/month. 

Jason Harris

Jason Harris

Executive Director

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